The need for words (and why its saving lives)

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

So the need to express my thoughts seems to have resolved itself back into a blog, this is a lot better than the semi waking nightmares and weirdly ethereal reality I have had to muddle through whilst appearing to hold it together although strangely not as fun.

It must be something to do with hearing everyone else’s opinions on , well everything, that sets my mind racing. I have spent the best part of my life trying to control the need to tell everyone else what I think or acting out my thoughts in loud and aggressive ways, after all when I vent bad things happen so hearing Joe public and his sister just espousing their BS willy nilly just seems wrong and I start to feel somewhat aggrieved that I cant do the same.

I am an advocate for self expression by the way, my vocation is about giving people a chance to speak about their thoughts and I also think I should be doing it myself more than I do but when it comes to things I think are mundane and definitely come under the “first world problems” category I get particularly annoyed, after all when some muppet is moaning about their tax breaks or the cost of foreign holidays when I and my compatriots are struggling for simple things like sustenance and care it gets old very quickly. I do however curb my desire to let them know just how angry they make me but the upcoming election means I will be surrounded by so much opining that I may have to cocoon myself just to avoid a criminal record.

Anyway I have resolved to come onto my blog when the need takes me and I apologise in advance for any offence or boredom I cause but I promise, the lives saved will be worth it, cos the people I live around are especially opinionated and to be honest I cant find anything redeeming within those opinions that could save them.

  1. Roger Gooding says:

    Absolutely with you on every point Steve. I used to be quite good at reading between the lines of comments that I saw or heard. Now doing so just sends my paranoia soaring. So much fake news, fake fake news and downright lies that I really struggle. How can a commander in chief state that his carrier strike force is off North Korea while his top military man is showing the press that it is 3000 miles further south! Do I need to worry that DIANNE’s rechargeable tooth brush could be spying on me? As for politics, there is no one that I can get anywhere near believing. I think that the best thing that I can hope for is a permanent dissociative state for the rest of the year! I don’t care who or what it is in the news I just want it to shut up, so Di is fed up with the amount of shouting that I am doing! I feel so powerless and it is scary. My to kill list grows ever longer!

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