Voices? either on paper or in my head.

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have been remiss in the past year with regards to my blogging. I don’t mean to anyone who may like to read my blog, I am not arrogant enough to believe it matters to anyone else, indeed the only reason I’ve been remiss is with regards to myself.

To explain, I feel that I have been far to busy talking to myself within the confines of my fragile psyche and in doing so I have left my only true outlet alone. I often speak to my colleagues about the benefits blogging brought me when I ended treatment, in fact I cannot state it more plainly that this outlet was instrumental in my transition from regular therapy to ad hoc chats with friends. I believe it prevented a relapse and had I not had the opportunity to release the turbulent and often addled thoughts from my mind I would have listened and possibly even acted upon them.

So here I am, sitting in my familiar chair like a raging pray mantis tapping away on the keys trying to pre-empt any break down by allowing those dark and mischievous ideas to escape onto my screen. I don’t really know whether I have anything of interest to anyone else to say, or to be honest really care at the moment but I am resolved to return to this medium on a more regular basis.

I would  say watch this space but I can’t honestly back that up

  1. Roger Gooding says:

    Good to see that you are writing the blog again mate. It is always informative but the most valid reason for your return is that writing, even just a rant, helps you.

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