Re-Branding, even in mental health? what gives?

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So I have decided , on the occasion of my 45th birthday to change the name of my blog and for a few reasons.

Firstly I have become aware that anyone who espouses their own opinions on anything is opening themselves up to criticism and ridicule and being self deprecating by nature I felt it suited me and in some ways described my own way of seeing myself succinctly.

Secondly my life has progressed in the years since starting to blog and my life is no longer lead just in the realms of borderline personality disorder and the condition has changed its name too so if I am to be accurate I either needed to rebrand as ” life in the realms of emotionally unstable personality disorder(borderline type) with traits of etc etc.” and I thought that might be a but shit to be fair also the renaming of conditions is so common I cant guarantee what my diagnosis will be called in a years time , hence no mention of the PD thing at all just in case it gets rebranded again.

There are somewhere in the region of forty different names currently in use for PD by the way and this is without the muddied water of whether it is more accurately described as complex PTSD which I am on the fence about myself.

So with Re-branding being popular I decided to change the title of the blog but I wont really be changing my blogs character and although I wouldn’t describe my life as being in the realms of BPD I probably spend most of my waking hours working on my own or helping others with their own struggles around Personality disorder so expect more of the rants, oddball theories and humour. Of course the inane ramblings of an imbecile is always likely to provoke reaction so touch the light paper and retreat to a safe distance folks.

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