Bahh Humbug??

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Crazy stuff

One of the big questions I have about classic literature is whether Ebenezer Scrooge liked birthdays or not? seems an odd thing to consider, especially in the spring but I think if it turned out he didn’t I would effectively be him reincarnate.

I am changing age again, this can be called a birthday or anniversaire by some but to me its another day but I have to remember to change the answer to a question after it, a bit like dating stuff in January add a digit to the end and that’s the answer.

This may sound lime a miserable attitude but its necessary in my mind as the whole idea that for a single day you are special is alien and I struggle with the attention, am I a narcissist if I look for it? By inviting people to join me for a meal am I really jus soliciting presents and attention or is the fact I can barely remember a birthday as a child merely because they were all so wonderful, and yes I know the answer.

I remember two childhood birthdays, I don’t know how old I was turning but one I spent with my Dad at Hamleys buying toy guns and a tracksuit, loved it probably because it was just us and the other when my sister threw me a party in the kitchen and a few friends came, that was my 10th I think. The big one for a young man the 18th was a dire affair, I saw no one from the family at all and spent the evening wandering around until about 10pm with my babyfaced best friend, who looked way to young to get served in a pub we didn’t know  before joining his dad in his local for a pint of lager shandy, loved the man and everything but an 18th for everyone else was at the very least a meal or small get together and for most of my mates a huge party.

I see the whole ageing thing as academic, once you’re an adult its not important how old you are just who you are and I fail on that one for a long time too so why worry? The idea of birthdays is the same as Christmas to me, someone who doesn’t express much interest for the rest of the year suddenly gushes about how great you are, for a day then back to normal service and I like the normal service a whole lot more, its more authentic.

The gifts are always an issue too. I am rarely surprised in a good way and struggle to pretend otherwise after all I have almost anything I want, mainly because I don’t want a lot so why should I let out ecstatic cries at the sight of a gadget I don’t need or out dated modes of digital entertainment, theres a thing called downloads people and its environmentally better as well as cheaper!

The idea that someone could guess what you’d really like shouldn’t be so hard for me, I am a super hero of gifting and cards , seriously its like a super power how lucky I am , I pick up a card with a vague idea of who its for and the words they read seem to be so important I have literally caused people to cry at the sentimentality, I hadn’t even read it but this happens all the time especially with presents so why would I accept a gift from anyone else without cynicism?

If you buy me something I don’t want then what does that say about me? You think I like that style of tee shirt or brand of after shave or that you think I should, I smell like I need the stuff? I know its all in my head but I do consider the person I am buying for when I am shopping, honestly not from their perspective but in a much more  selfish ,” is this going to be worth the money?” kind of way. For instance if its April I wont buy a football shirt because they will be out of date in a matter of weeks, I consider the value rather than the price I guess but that makes it even weirder when someone buys me a gift that seems expensive but doesn’t really suit me, why would they? the answer is they have done so for the appearance of  largesse rather than my needs or wants so what’s the point of it?

I guess from reading this I have answered my own question at least about me, bah humbug is appropriate for me, whether Scrooge would have been so ornery is another matter.


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