To do list 2014

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Mental Health
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I don’t do new years resolutions they don’t work and I already have enough people I let down without adding myself to the long and daunting list and besides everyone doing them at once can’t be helpful for anyone can it.

In its place I am putting up a to do list for next year which I hope will be done by this time next year, no rushing about or putting undue stress on myself and if I don’t do it then it can roll over.

1. write book three and four, they are both in production and I want them out of the way by year end

2. Get healthier by controlling my rampant blood sugar levels and lose the excess weight I have gained while being unwell recently, not extra weight I might add just the bit I had already gotten rid of.

3. Earn a real wage that can fund my family and our relatively meagre lifestyle, if this means a few different jobs then so be it but not driving myself into the pits of hell just for the purpose while doing so.

4. Enjoy the time I have with family and friends, including my group mates as much as possible.

5. Research and study for my role so I can be the best person for my colleagues and “clients” voluntary doesn’t have to be amateurish after all.

This isn’t an exhaustive list and I will no doubt revisit it but feel free to enquire as to my efforts throughout the year by way of encouragement.


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