The Arch enemy??

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Mental Health

There is an entity in the world that has so much power it almost frightens me to acknowledge it. This power was there long before the pagans gave up their beliefs to believe the god of the Jews, before the ancient Greeks took the Persian pantheon and made it their own and is still right here now controlling everything and anything in our lives.

This powerful sentience has caused genocide and created life, destroyed nations, jungles and seas whilst creating science, healthcare and community. I can not stress the incredible influence this has had on human and earths history and yet it seems to be ignored by the commentators as if they have no requirement to acknowledge the only thing we know definitively as true.

It has moulded our very existence into whatever it wanted and then when it needed to simply discarded us. It has the power to change your very appearance and influence everything you experience from sex and love to despair and grief. There is a huge element of the population who spend their entire lives trying to get some control or understanding of this mysterious force and yet as I write this no one has come close to genuinely controlling it in even the smallest of cases, they have destroyed it in some cases but control has never been managed.

You might already know what name this invisible force takes, this isn’t an original idea I have concocted but merely an expression of my new awareness of the magnitude of this “Thing”

The Human brain, and no I am not being overly descriptive of its influence and power because if yours. mine or anyone else’s brain decided to it could take away your ability to even turn on your computer let alone read this blog.

I am not claiming any special agenda for this piece of evolutionary computing equipment , just pointing out just how powerful it is and always has been. When you consider the things man has done over the millennia, from wars and destruction to religion and medicine no one can claim that anything other than the human brain was responsible. If the theists claim an invisible being in the sky directed these people then so be it but how was it carried out, if indeed another “brain” gave the orders?

I am writing this not to explain the facts, if you think about it and thanks to this brain of ours we can, our own brain isn’t even just ours. Whenever the human brain began it has continued to exist and grow throughout the millions of years of evolution, our DNA can be traced back to a seemingly single source so therefore so can our brains. We are not just guided by our brains but are effectively controlled. How do two people decide to have a child with each other, the heart is a pump nothing more so the brain sets up the desires you follow, it has given you a predilection towards a type, and where did that come from?

Your brain carries in it the history of your ancestors, and the very fact it does means it has been successful throughout the ages in ensuring whoever mated with whom was making the right choice for its own survival. In essence our brain is a super super computer that is understood by none, the neuroscientists would be the first to agree that what they can say about the brain and its working is mere pin prick compared to the things they have no idea about. So this incredible organic machine has used us, effectively its hosts to reproduce and improve, it has influenced the invention of chemicals, machines and interventions to improve our thinking generation on generation to the point we sit here at computers arrogantly, and I mean that from a universal sense, believing we have it all in our own control.

Reality it seems is what we choose it to be, our dreams are nothing more than an entertainment whilst resting and hallucinations are synapses failing. Unfortunately for someone who’s brain has decided to blur the lines between those three states and I haven’t even considered the many others, I say beware.

Your physical well being is somewhat within you grasp although your brain will be in control of what you want to grasp, that’s labouring the point though. No matter how fit and strong you are, or aren’t as Stephen Hawking admirably proves, your wealth. happiness and family life’s importance. It cannot no matter what you do protect you from your brain and whatever it is that it decides to do with you. From within that grey jelly like structure can grow a reality that is not conducive to the world you find yourself in, it may decide that you are going to be so desperate and alone that suicide is your only choice, that you deserve nothing more than anguish and without any external influences give you that in spades.

I can honestly say my brain scares me, it has done horrific things to me so far and that’s just my own brain it doesn’t take into account the billions of other brains out there working furiously to improve their own lot or otherwise. There can be no way of appeasing the brain, no sacrifices or prayers we are powerless entirely against our own psyche and acceptance of that may be the path to relief, I don’t know and that in itself tells me who’s in control.


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