Out of the Darkness

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Mental Health

No not the new Star Trek film, although I am hoping its as good, doubt that but hope is eternal I guess.

As you may or may not have noticed my blog went private for a while, which essentially meant I wasnt really blogging at all. I was in a bad place and knew my posts were being read and then getting messages from people who I felt should have been honest enough to say they’d read about things before asking randomly (supposedly) how I was.

Anyone who has had any PD but BPD especially will know the first thing we do is destroy anything good we’ve got going for us and then complain its gone, well blogging was my good thing and I dropped it like a hot stone which in turn meant I had no outlet and I moaned and fought because of it, typical maybe but trivial it is not.

So why am I back and why now? fair enough question and easily answered. I have outed myself publically as a sufferer and this made me realise I might have need of an outlet right now, I have no idea how this will go down and knowing I can blog about it seemed a fair idea. Also I wanted anyone who saw the article in my local paper who might feel the need to delve further to have an open book as it were, all my posts the crazy ones and opinionated ones are here and they can judge for themselves what I really am, its as much as I can ask I guess  that anyone who wants to judge me for my condition at least looks at my life and sees the truth before they decide.

I am truly prepared for bad reactions, indeed I would say the opposite is true of good ones because I have fought the world from day one and assumed they were fighting back often as not they werent but old habits die hard.

Anyway I am back and will endeavour to post whenever I can and hopefully anyone who reads this will see I am many things and not just the one.

  1. Mandi says:

    I’m glad you’re back. 🙂

    I too seem to, ok do, destroy everything good. I hear “self sabotage” VERY often. But for some reason I didn’t know it was BPD. I kinda thought that was just me being a stubborn ass.

    The majority do NOT like the entire truth. Or really anything that might be uncomfortable. I am and feel LOT’S of different things. Whatever the case may be, I will say it as it is. I had hopes that at least my closest friends would look up the definition of BPD, not so. When I couldn’t be what they thought I should be, they ditched me. Which as you know, hurts like hell. Ignorance hurts.

    This blog is yours to say and be what you are when you are! I hope that it will be a good place for you to be able to get your thoughts out. Some may not accept you. But there are a lot more who do!


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