Private blog, whats the point?

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

So if youre reading this then you are doing so with permission from myself and may be wondering why.

I like so many with BPD have issues around security and safety and although I happily told my story and expressed my feelings online for two years I became aware that i was being monitored, not a paranoid delusion but a factual event and in order to prevent this I have become a private Blog which for my purposes makes no difference, this was a means of expression of feelings and thoughts for myself and seemed easier than starting a diary I would never fill in.

I can’t even remember if I have Okayed anyone to read this yet but when I do they will be free to read it all and the person I know was using it, with good intent no doubt, to monitor my mental health will be none the wiser.


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