Bah humbug

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Crazy stuff

The title doesnt really apply to christmas but it is about this time of year I guess. I just got thinking as I drove along and it went into overdrive as it does when you have BPD.

I am not into ecology or environmental sciences  but I am aware of the constant nagging by the green lobby that we should recycle, use low energy bulbs and think about our carbon footprint, for eleven months of the year everyone is encouraged to save the planet with their energy efficiency etc. that just eleven months and then we hit december and its all forgotten.

I have to wash out tin cans for recycling carry huge bags of cardboard and glass out every fortnight just so the local council can claim to be environmentally friendly and then everyone everywhere in the UK, USA and Canada sets a load of lights up, some just on the tree others all over the frigging place and leaves them on for hours on end, burning fossil fuels by the tonne as they suck up electricity. Also the council are cutting things left right and centre, all over the country we are told that austerity measures are vital, so what do they do, set up a huge expensive tree and pay a celeb to push the button that lights it up, not once but in every town centre, then they attach lights to everything and arrange all sorts of events, in Chatham they allow you to park for free, on days where the public would pay double for the opportunity to park they get it free and we can’t run our mental health services because theres no money?

If we as a country really are in such dire straits then surely there is a fair argument that christmas decorations which cost a fortune to install and then power then remove could be done away with or at the very least scaled down but no, this deeply religious nation with its huge christian majority that believe deeply in the birth of our lord as a tumultuous occasion that must be celebrate accordingly, with light shows, inflatable snow men as described in the bible then all good but I suspect that’s not really the case, and the bit of the bible that tells us to celebrate as described seems to be left out of my copies, yes I have two. I am atheist as you can probably tell but the message is the same call it the holidays , Christmas or hannuka whatever you like but its supposed to be about the family and being together and spending public money on things no one, regardless of their religious beliefs requires is wasteful, add to that the ecological impact of half the western world running lights for a month I think there should be something done to save the money, it might pay for another nurse or street cleaner and the planet, although if the bible lovers are right the world will end soon anyway so why do the so called christian politicians bother with the green policies if Armageddon and ultimately judgement day is nigh?

Rant over, normal service will resume shortly.


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