Posted: November 11, 2012 in Mental Health
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I was driving home from dropping my teenage son back to his mother and a thought came to me. Do I inspire my son to be whatever it is he wants to be? Do I have the right to even think I might ? and then I went a step further, who inspires me and why?

Deep thinking as always sets me off and I began to wonder about other people, why are there some people who seem to be inspirational and who decided they were the ones to follow. I am not saying that Nelson Mandela, Ghandi or Winston Churchill dont have admirable traits but who can emulate them? there is only one of them for a reason and aspiring to be like them is wasteful, we had them they’ve gone and we need new people to fill the gaps that need filling now surely.

I say we need to be inspired by the less obvious, the general gets the plaudits but it is the soldier who inspires me, the courage and tenacity to do whats required is admirable surely. The single parent who raises their children to be nice normal kids, they do so by example and restraint, how inspiring is that when the world assumes that their children will be asbo magnets. The nurses who toil away, especially the ladies from foreign fields who are so far from home and maintain the standards regardless. The school teacher who gets the best from their pupils regardless of the socio economic back drop.

I see these as people who can inspire anyone if you looked hard enough, seeing a job well done is inspiring , knowing the travails that someone has overcome to be where they are is inspiring and when I think about myself and my children I feel I could be inspiring if they wanted to see it, I would never claim that they should see me as such and in many ways I might prefer they didnt, after all following someone else can hinder your own individuality and I would much rather have three strong individuals as children than copies of me. I may have to search deeper within to understand the complexity of that but I know its true, I put my accomplishments so far on the table and be rightly proud but pride comes before a fall and its not the way you finish that will get you plaudits but how well you played the game, fought the fight or ran the race that will ultimately prove to everyone else what you were worth and if they then see something inspirational then so be it.

In essence I am asking that everyone stop being inspired by the bright lights glowing in a past we had little to do with and seek to be an inspiration yourself by shaping a future you have engaged with. Dont look too high in order to manage this keep your feet on the ground and walk your own path, that’s what real people have to do and inspiration will be there without a fanfare to announce it.


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