Recovery or rescue fantasy??

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Mental Health

I had a meeting today with two lovely ladies who are helping me set up a peer support group locally, sounds good I know but there was a friend there who is going to be my co peer liaison and we were talking about BPD and personality disorders generally, the two ladies deal with lots of different mental health service users and didnt have a lot of knowledge about BPD so asked lots of questions, great I hear you say and yes it was, they seemed to appreciate my and my colleagues perspective and knowledge and I enjoyed hearing my friends version of events. right up until she reminded me of one of the traits BPD sufferers have, the need to rescue or be rescued.

I have been passionate about doing something for my fellow sufferers locally and in my county generally because the services out there are poor and spotty at best. I thought I was doing so because of a desire to help and nothing more but once the word rescuer was used I had a sick feeling about my motives. I dont believe for one minute its a fact but its not even been on my radar and by not considering it I have allowed myself to experience Hubris, and I hate the idea intensely.

I dont know for sure one way or another but I have to be sure I am not trying to rescue anyone, not because I shouldnt but its a false motive, the idea that I will feel better if someone else does is flawed and has no value in my road to recovery and ultimately I need to recover for myself and my family. I suppose I am in the hands of  the pro’s on this one and trust them to intervene when they think what I am doing isnt healthy for me and the people I will be working with.

I will be starting my group on 3rd october in Medway, so if youre local to me and would like to have a support group get in touch, otherwise keep posted and hopefully you wont see me unravel.

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