No you cant say the N word just cos your black

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Mental Health

It’s a big issue isnt it, whether you can use offensive language if you can claim to be of the section of the population that it pertains to then is it ok?

Just to make myself clear I stand firmly in the No section, and I am happy to explain why. When I was at secondary school I had a Black mate who was so white it was crazy, by white I mean in character, he saw himself as a class above the other west indian kids in our school and saw them as a sub species. We got on because I was smarter than him so therefore deserved his respect. We would talk about everyone else as if they were on a different level than us so he used language about his black compatriots I could never get away with, or wanted to back then. We spoke on the phone once about a bully in our class who had beaten another kid up, he was calling him all sorts of names inappropriate in black society and somehow his mum got hold of another phone and heard him. The reaction was crazy and she screamed down the phone at us, we crapped ourselves and put the phone down. Next day his mum came to school and had me pulled out of class, she assumed I had been ‘In’ on the use of language and I was balled out and denounced as Racist,  I hadn’t protested at his use of words like Nigger etc so I was in essence using them? I argued that I had never used any of the words and if he wanted to then it was his right. I was wrong apparently and apart from being embarrassed about the whole thing and banned from talking to my mate on the phone nothing more was done.

That set my mind straight on the issue and at the same time NWA were shouting off in hip hops birth I was appalled by the whole thing, if I’m honest I just saw it as unfair, they could call us anything they liked but I couldnt use their words against them. In the real world I am not black, foreign or pretty much anything else that could be discriminated against, fat and bald dont count for some reason although some of the things said to me are cruel when taken on face value. I say that but I am part of a group that is discriminated against resolutely from all angles. Mental illness has a stigma the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else under circumstances where it is deemed acceptable to take the piss out of or pretend to be just for laughs in britain today. Disabilities have been rightly put out there as unacceptable targets all except one, mental illness. Yes its a disability as much as any other, it can be temporary so that makes it easy for the main stream to rip the piss out of, comedians or game show hosts use it as a barb where years ago gay would have been the object of their reproach, that was wrong so they decided to pick on mentally ill people instead and no one argues the toss about that.

The real issue is people with mental health problems take the piss out of others and when they get challenged they use the I had depression once so its allowed card. Worse is the “my brothers got it” argument. I have had the word crazy, the fingers going around in circles next to the temples and fruit loop used in my company this week by people who know my situation but feel able to do this as they have an issue of their own. I did react in the end and was told I was out of order because they had the right to use them if they wanted to. what can I say to that, the black rappers use the N word in songs and comedians do it all the time, black guys again or Irish ones insulting Ireland so where do i go for proof I can dispute it if I feel insulted by them and their use of the words and actions thrown out by the media and society in general?

I have decided I wont just put up with it, that I will do something and I have a plan, one that will reveal itself as I work on it, I am not being mysterious for the sake of drama but I need to gird myself before I act and ask that I get some patience while I do so, but rest assured the issue us far from dead and I will be fighting back in a mature and acceptable manner that wont get me written off as a nutter or fruit loop.


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