My Magnus Opus

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Mental Health

I am working on a piece, its not fiction and is very relevant to this blog but I am not sure where I should publish it. Its difficult for me to write about it without giving away all the details and I suppose I am asking where it should sit, I have spoken about it to my wife and she isnt sure either.

I aim to put it out there about our plight in as big a way as I can, by our plight I mean all of those suffering under the cloud of Mental Health problems, from PD and depression to lesser known conditions such as DID, in reality there are as many conditions and diagnosis as there are psychiatrists out there and as we struggle on, managing in whatever way we can I have come to a conclusion, with some help from an eighties classic on whats happening to us, in the UK especially but worldwide as well, the WHO will no doubt argue my cause but it seems to me we are the forgotten, disenfranchised many who have no one to shout from the roof tops for us, The recent set of programmes on UK TV were based around comedians and success stories, the very brave people who have made their conditions work for them or around them but they are such a small percentage of the reality and I worry they have vicariously marginalised the whole issue as the realm of jokers and brave souls, that no one need worry about us because we have a sunny disposition and friends and colleagues to help us along, we dont in the main and even those of us who do can’t rely solely on these good people, we have to get where we’re going if not alone then at least with a minimum of support if we are to feel worthwhile in a world that is set up to point out how worthless we are.

I am not looking to grind my political axe, or lay blame on one group over another but what I have started to write has, like my fictional work, come alive, as I write about one area of our plight another throws itself up, then almost organically another and I am struggling with which are most important and whether its my decision on that matter, I will continue to work on it whilst trying to get my second book finished, my artwork started and keeping the world around me oblivious to my true feelings and emotions, a tiring time ahead no doubt but I hope it all works out one day, and the fact I have any hope about anything is a big difference for me so I am celebrating the little shit whilst fighting against the bigger stuff.

  1. mikeg12 says:

    look forward to reading it

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