Been busy?

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Mental Health

So I lead a hectic life for someone apparently not able to handle stress, I volunteer 14 hrs a week, am a school governor in a very trying time for the school , doing two courses for my degree and trying to set up a local support group for mental health patients in my area. Add to this its the holidays and thanks to a very generous benefactor I am now mobile which means I am trawling about everywhere doing things for my son and anyone else who needs me.

I say all this because I am somehow too busy for things I need or want to do, I love to blog and I am also balls deep in my next novel, three-quarters finished with test readers primed and waiting, and to be honest I kind of resent it, I love being everything I am but its not me, its what I do that defines me in these situations and I swore back in therapy I would never allow that to be the case again, so how do I stop it and if I am too busy to be concerned about silly things like anxiety and my depressive state then should I even try?

These questions seem to take my mind further from the truth I know, that i have capabilities that go to waste when I do nothing, I have capacities to do good that make a difference when I try but there is a downside, trying so hard to fill these potentials I risk destroying everything elses, I like my position at the moment but so many of my compatriots are falling as they strive for better and I am certainly no better than them, am I risking it for nothing or could the reality be something so much better than I imagine it will be?

In the end life does what it must and I have to manage it as best I can, we shall see how it evolves and for my dear friends going through tough times, be strong and see what happens.

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