Read it and weep, serioulsy please dont it might ruin your laptop.

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Crazy stuff

Hard to make stuff up all the time, I like to blog regularly but can’t always think of cool exciting things to write about, or deeply moving stuff about BPD and its horrifying effects on me and my friends, sad but true. Today I am whimsical tonight and playful but also incredibly insane and off the pot, I dont even know what that means right now but I feel like writing and dont have a plan, I like to have a plan, it aids me in completing my novels and generally helps keep me on track, which as you can see isnt happening right now.

So I thought of a corny headline and little else at this point, I have had a strange couple of days with me adding the strangeness on most occasions. Last night I was on shift in my charity work, Saturday nights can be manic and I am prepared for this, so when not a lot happens the nervous energy goes into overdrive and crazy crap comes out, I was talking about such weird stuff as a paramilitary wing for my charity in order to aggressively fund raise and take out any of the service abusers we know of, I managed to make a link between ecological sound ethics and internet porn, this is genius by the way, Porn mags have even more packaging than ever with the plastic sleeves, add to this the cost of inks, paper and transport, not just the value, each piece of paper was a tree that needn’t have died and the guy who chopped it down used a vehicle to get to it, petrol engined chainsaw and the logging trucks and factories and everyone else involved use fossil fuels to facilitate the whole process, the Inks used would have been made from chemicals with by products that need to be disposed of, the excess inks have to be removed and off course the delivery of the raw materials, then the ink and finally the magazine mean more vehicles all using fossil fuels, then theres the plastic sleeve, we all know how bad polyethylene is to our planet, add up all these externalities, my degree at work there, and then consider the amount of pron available on the internet, which even if you pay for it is done electronically so very little if any carbon usage right? and when you work out the paper towels would be used either way the  its a win for the internet as more trees survive on account of, no one praises the Internets porn industry for saving all that ecologically damaging activity do they?

As you can see my mind was on a different plane of existence for a while it made for interesting chat in the wee small hours, my shift partner may or may not have enjoyed it as much as me but I was oblivious to him anyway, I was laughing and as each idea started to go off on a tangent new ideas were formed,we added in some random stuff from callers about the new world order and likely candidates for leadership, we thought Prince William with his long dead mother as the angel of death wasnt ideal and if the world was going to be ruled by anyone it wouldnt be the british royal family, Russian, American and most likely Chinese overlords would be possible ideas I feel.

The point of this post is not to push the interests of the porn industry or get China given dominion over the world but just to show that a disordered mind can be fun to live with, all the issues I have do not stop me from having a laugh and I feel that my strange patterns of thought make me look at things differently which can be funny, to me if not anyone else and if I making myself smile or even laugh then I am not berating myself for everything that’s wrong in my life.

I would like to celebrate my differences and make a point out of the fact I have strength born of this condition, that for all the hardships I have endured, and my family alongside me I have come through them thus far, far from unscathed fair enough but alive and in a position to continue my life in a manner fitting a man of my intelligence and capacities, if you suffer too, with whatever then try and see if you can celebrate for just half a day, more if you can and maybe we will set a ball rolling that we cannot stop, maybe we will improve things exponentially until we actually manage to feel good for longer than we feel bad, and if we dont then at least we got an afternoon off.

  1. mikeg12 says:

    i think that is brilliantly written and comes from the inside without planning etc-brilliant

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