Posted: July 13, 2012 in Mental Health
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I have an issue with the idea of hypocrisy, I mean its regarded as a bad thing but doesnt it come from hypocrates, the father of modern medicine, the Hippocratic oath is till part of any doctors arsenal, so why is it now deemed a bad thing??

I ask because I have been accused of it regularly, by my friends and enemies alike and I hold my hands up willingly to the charge, but I have no chagrin over the matter, I do not have to hold firm to everything I say, I do not have the power to engender Dogma, not for myself or anyone else for that matter so why should I be held so firmly my opinions on one day more than anyone else? My BPD does play a part of course it does, where I am discerned as being manipulative about something then switch roles within a few days they cry hypocrite and point to my previous motives as if they were in some way more noble, I cannot say whether I was wrong then or wrong now but I do know I cant be right on both occasions, unless of course I was.

I have been very vocal about my children these last few days, as they get their exam scores and school reports I am quite fairly proud and amazed, my youngest is scoring two years ahead of his expected level, the older boy is aceing everything they throw at him so why not be proud? I am now about to be hypocritical, be warned I have already said it was likely to happen but on this occasion I have a good reason.

Prevention is better than cure they say, so when my dear wife who has shouldered untold burdens much to her detriment said she was unhappy with her birth control, the tablets did strange things to her cycle or some such aggravation which I saw as unavoidable until I actually considered the idea she was solely responsible for preventing our procreation, I saw the light as it were and offered to have the snip, if she was Ok with it. Now having repeatedly professed to huge pride in being a father my taking action to prevent it occurring again could seem some what hypocritical, I accept that but I have good reasons for my actions.

I have waxed lyrical about how well my children are doing, how unaffected they are by my BPD, but how long will that luck hold out, if I was to father a new child could I guarantee all the crazy medication Ive been pumped into my bloodstream wouldnt affect the foetus? no I dont think so, not to mention the hardship it would endure due to the financial implications of having a new baby, it would affect my youngest too and the knock on effect might extend to my older two, in short I have ridden my luck so far I am not willing to do it again, I think you’ll agree this seems like sound planning.

So off I go to have my op, very humiliating indeed but I can live through that, much of what I have done or had done to me was a thousand times worse anyway but the pain was a new level for me, and yes I am stating preventing a baby is far more painful than having one, feminists and women with horror stories will no doubt be aghast at this statement but I am 100% bloke so I would say that anyway right? I have had lasers poked into my scrotum, skin burnt out and very little pain relief to help me, as I sit here now my nuts are aflame and according to the good doctor I have had a good day, the local anaesthetic will wear off soon and the real pain will begin, I love it when they sugar coat the pill, so apart from my dignity being stripped away and steaming hot lasers being pointed at my nether reasons I am now left with the joy of knowing that these were the halcyon days and real pain is yet to come, it should only last a week or two, compared to the pain of having a infant in the house for another couple of yeas its childs play, and remember I love mine and everyone else kids so that’s saying something.

Anyway i may be a hypocrite but i am happy to be such, if everyone out there admitted to a little hypocrisy then maybe we could get along better and understand what was going on for them, just a thought, and by the way i may change my mind about all this tomorrow so be warned.

  1. Mandi says:

    Im sorry, I shouldn’t be sitting here laughing my ass off. I did read parts to my husband who cringed at the thought of anything (painful) coming close to his “business”. 🙂
    As for hypocrisy… I’m the worst. Maybe in a different way, but a hypocrite all the same! I’m great at giving advice, telling people exactly what they should do. I always use the whole “I can’t /won’t do what I’m telling you to do but you’re better, stronger than me.” And that’s true. We have a lot of young adults over often and i’m always telling them not to do stuff…. then I do it. 🙂
    Sorry to laugh at your manhood’s expense. 🙂 Hope you don’t actually feel the burn for a week!

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