A Titan

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is something I have written about Roger, not sure about it just yet but I will be interested in others opinions

 A Titan


How do we measure a man’s worth? Can it be done while they survive or must we wait until they pass to know what it is they have achieved?

Who is it that can see through anyone’s lifetime and say how much they have given to others? Is there such a person, given authority to do so? And if so by whom?

When we look at what Roger achieved we can say without fear of recourse that he was great, can’t we? This is surely a measureable fact that is indisputable to any with brains to understand what he achieved.

How many people are alive today thanks to his work? Not just those he touched in person but through the lives of those he set on paths that lead to achievements of their own, instead of destruction and suicide there was life and growth.

What would have become of those he felt the need to help? The cycle of self-harm would never have ended well, their own lives tainted forever true but what of those in their lives who were burdened with such behaviour; did he not save them too?

For every soul he engaged with there were ten more who benefited, from the parents and children to the partners who loved but were hurt by those who knew no better.

Roger gave knowledge to  people, fed them self-esteem through many avenues, being given trust and respect, heard and not denied, accepted when it was right and yes, rejection and challenge when it was right as well.

With his team he set us right, pushed us to understand what we were, not what we thought others saw, where there was bitterness he showed patience, when anger he gave answers that may not have salved but were honest and necessary.

Throughout his working day he dealt with the best and worst of life and handled them both as equals, he truly showed the way forward in language that wasn’t meant to confuse.

His ability to communicate made him rare in our lives, he knew the taboo words but used them differently, he accepted our side of things but offered another side if need be.

We could not measure his worth before because it was still growing, day by day the tendrils of his efforts spread, improving even after his passing the lives of those he graced.

To say he will be measured highly is an understatement, when the books are closed and each is judged his deeds will far outweigh those of most men. A Titan is how he will be remembered and justly so.


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