Oh poor me

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Mental Health

I have been to a medical today for my Diabetes and not surprisingly I got torn off a strip by the very nice lady. My overall control isn’t great and my weight has gone up for the first time in a three-year period which was a surprise. I have discussed in group the theory I use the diabetes as a form of self harm, I’m not sure about this one so will hold fire on whether its true or not.

I am obviously aware that my mentality has been darker than it has been in many a year but I am hanging my hat on the fact my blood sugar could be partly to blame and this may be wishful thinking but I am allowed to dream so leave me to my fantasies.

I have independently of the nurse been considering trying to limit my carbs to bring things under control and the Atkins plan is very in vogue now they have adjusted it to allow for some real world meals to be eaten. I don’t think i will go down that route although using the Glycemic index may reap some rewards, there is a side effect of weight loss and possible improvement in other areas of my life so in theory it a win win or positive sum game for the social scientists out there.

I may feel a bit shitty both physically and emotionally but there is worse things in the world and in knowing this I can put myself into context with the real world and hopefully this will allow me to grow and learn as I get out of this slump, here hoping.

  1. celticawitch says:

    Your diabetes debacle probably does have a huge impact on how you’re feeling and how you’re coping. I hadn’t reaised this. When our bodies are in dis-ease it affects so much and vice versa too. Wishing you improved health in all areas my friend.

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