ESA?JSA? just show me the money

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Mental Health

An imaginary interview for a job, in the near future

 My CV has been read and on it I mention some health issues, as would be correct and honest in this situation the job may involve stress or responsibility for others and their safety.

We have done the pre-amble about experience etc. and the interviewer appears to be slightly uncomfortable about their next question, it continues like this.

Interviewer: So Steve it says on you CV you haven’t worked for a few years due to ill health? Can I ask what the issue was?

Me: Yes certainly, I have been diagnosed with a severe personality disorder, called Borderline personality disorder, this affected my life quite a lot so I was unable to work, I am quite safe to be in a room with though so don’t worry.

Polite laugh at the joke

Interviewer: Oh so this is a mental health problem, not a physical infirmity,?I see. How has this affected your ability to work if I may ask?

Me: We I was very anti-social and quite aggressive without any real reason, I often wouldn’t get out of bed or leave the house and when I did it was quite risky as my moods swung very quickly, I did assault some people, other men who were looking for fights and stuff but I’m not like that now.

Interviewer: Oh, so how have you overcome this problem, have they cured you? Can you guarantee you won’t be like that now?

This time I laugh a little as I smile

Me: Well I have undergone years of therapy which was quite effective, I take a lot of medication and this seems to keep me stable most of the time, I have my moments but on the whole I am much better than I have been.

Interviewer: So you’re not cured then? You still take medication and have mood swings these days too? You do know this job entails meeting the public and your colleagues? Can you guarantee you won’t have bad day and do something out of order?

Me: Well no, it’s unlikely and quite rare these days but there is a chance is could lose my rag and I accept it might be a bit scary for anyone else around at the time, I’m a good worker though and my experience is highly relevant, is this likely to be a problem?

Interviewer: well at this stage we are just interviewing likely candidates so not really, I’m sure it won’t have any bearing on our choices, you can be rest assured of that Steve, thank you for coming along, do sign out of reception as you pass by. (Don’t let the door hit you on the arse as you leave)

This is hypothetical but the questions are valid and the answers are true, I am quite happy to be put on JSA as unlike all the vermin making claims who have no intention of getting jobs even though they are fit and able I will apply to lots of jobs and be honest with them, when the Jobcentre enquire as to why I’m not successful they will have to look at my situation and decide where they go from here, I will be under no responsibility and it will be their problem to solve , ergo I lose nothing and they have to explain the whole thing to the powers that be.

The message is don’t worry about any ESA interviews, they are stacked against us anyway and worrying will make you ill, just let them play their games and be honest all the time it will result in you getting the same amount of money and might even mean you get more stuff like prescriptions paid for.


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