Dont go there, no really should I go there?

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Mental Health

I havent been to my group thing for a few weeks, I was supposed to turn up last week but sleep evaded me and I was in an awful mood, bears with sore heads were running for the hills I was that bad and the better half of my fucked up psyche made me stay home and lay there trying to sleep, It didnt work but at least no one other than me had to survive my tirades of vitriol. Last time I had a significant amount of time away there was an autopsy that lasted a full hour all about it, I was uncomfortable with it as it was a waste of valuable time and I fear it could be repeated tomorrow when I do turn up.

Now the better part of me says to not go, make a point of it and when they do try and pressure me into returning do so on the proviso that I get a pass on this, seems logical and would in my eyes buy the others some valuable time to vent their own issues, problem is I cant go back again for at least two more weeks and that would turn a mole hill into Vesuvius most likely and any unappreciative members will no doubt bemoan me taking the limelight by my absence, yes some do think I care enough about the group try and manipulate it to my own ends, I love some of the group but really do I have a Machiavellian streak? I dont think so.

So my question is valid , do I go there or stay away for what will be about 7 weeks in the end and risk the tirade of questions and recriminations that will follow?I I go in tomorrow which is likely what do I say to forgo the ritualistic interrogation on where I’ve been and why I stayed away, lack of sleep will be a facade I’m using but it really isnt and I dont want to be in the same position every time I take a week or two off, I will probably have a problem sleeping tonight, thinking about this and have to get up earlier than usual for my six year olds political career so  ratty will be the buzz word anyway, what will I do? I wont know until tomorrow morning so watch this space.

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