Predjudice in every way possible?

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Mental Health

I have been looking at all sorts of stuff recently, for Uni and research for books and the like so Difference is very much at the fore of my mind, everything from the Stephen Lawrence trials to disability living allowance has been mentioned and it evokes quite a bit of feeling for me as I digest all the opinions and try and find myself in the mix of ideas and conversations.

I look at everybody and rightly or wrongly make judgements and assumptions based on their appearance, not always negative or the stereotypical judgements just my own ideas which could be construed as Racist, Sexist and pretty much any ist going, but I dont think I am, I have a fair and reasonable reason for what I think and am adaptable to the situation, yes I do judge  a book by its cover but I will read it before I decide whether I was right or not, which isnt the average way of doing things. To say all black teenagers are bad is wrong but it is no less wrong than claiming that none of them are and this goes for all groups, eastern Europeans and so called Pikeys and any ethnic or religious group that suffers discrimination, its wrong and there are plenty of people out there making the point, not always fairly but they are fighting their corner regardless.

It os almost unheard of for in a group of acquaintances to  hear racial language, its no longer polite to assume the group will condone it so its gone, religion and lots of other types of words are now out of favour for the greater good and well done for that but I hear one word or rather sets of words a lot in almost every group Ive been in and the connotation is almsot always the same. Nutter, loony or mental health case get thrown around all the time, in my company I might add and no one says a word to reject these statements and you would be surprised the type of company I have heard repeat this kind of language, a lot.

No one stands up for us, yes Us I am definitely one of those mental health cases or nutters or loonies, when they talk about malingering depressed folks I am on that register too apparently, the government make no allowances for us in their efforts to rid the country of all the bogus claimants so what are we? Just a marginalised group of semi disabled folks with nothing to offer and not point in helping who are a drain on the governments purse so we get dumped and in doing so they increase the problem and eventually we end up in the system again costing far more than necessary in medication, food and accommodation in over crowded wards.

 I feel able to fight my own corner at times and will make a comment if I can but when I dont it diminishes me and in some ways emasculate me, I’m not being but could well be described as bullied by these people as I dont feel able to express myself fully and certainly cant reveal the extent of the problems for fear of upsetting them or turning them against me. Youre Ok though youre one of the good one used to a terrible thing to say to a black guy and it is now the sentence of choice when the complainers do find out what I am suffering with, yes BPD is suffered, when will the tide turn and mental health be as important an issue as race or religion when it comes to predjudice?


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