Bucket list time already

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Crazy stuff, Mental Health

I dont usually like them and watching idiot abroad kind of confirmed to me I dont need one,  by the way Idiot abroad was great but he’s no idiot is he went around the world and did some amazing stuff for free and got paid huge sums by sky at the same time and made for great entertainment as well.

I digress, I watched a film today called Goon which was set in one of my all time favourite places on earth, the maritime provinces of Canada, and for a small time it was on the island I would love to come from if I wasnt already residing on Eden, Newfoundland. The film was good and the scenery familiar but it made ms ort of homesick in a way I dont get I missed the island and my family and it got me thinking about whether I would get back there anytime soon, I want to take my boys to see the wilderness and watch bears eat from the dump but I also want to go back to las Vegas and again have my boys with me, I dont not want my Daughter there I just know she will probably never travel with me again as she is always going to be going with friends and boyfriend and that’s cool but I still have the boys under my thrall and I want to take them to my favourite places.

So then my bucket list started to take shape, I dont really have ambition its probably to do with my mind set for years, I was sure I would be dead sooner rather than later, wanted to be in fact so why plan for a future you dont want or expect. so I changed a habit of my lifetime, so far and thought about what I really want to do so I start here.

  1. go back and see my family in Canada, while I’m there see more of the country including the western side, I have done it by train and its gorgeous and I want to see more.
  2. Go to the nevada desert for a few weeks and camp i  the national parks, at the grand canyon and Bryce canyon and red rock canyon, yes that s a lot of canyons but they all have something different and I want to sit in the open desert and hear nothing but insects and birds, then look at the night sky and have to hold my hand out to avoid the glare of the stars.
  3. Be recognised as an author, I have published a novel and am writing more but that’s not the same thing, for a stranger to consider you an author just because of your work is the litmus test for me, not huge sales or industry recognition but readers who have no idea who I am wanting to read the next thing I write is everything for me.
  4. getting my mental health back, or realistically close to back, I am embracing my disorder and learning to live with it, to appreciate some elements of it but I wish I could trust myself to make decisions and rely on no one for my well being, I love that my wife was and is there for me but I feel like a retarded child who is allowed to feel in charge but always being watched for my own safety.
  5. get my degree and then go on to use the knowledge for the benefit of others, not for some namby pamby altruistic reason I want a job and to earn good money but if I have to be out there putting my mental health on the line for a wage I want to be doing something productive and not in a financial sense, I want to make things better for young people who need the help and I see others who make a difference and as jaded as they may feel the fire is there in their eyes and I want have that.
  6. I want to write a proper stand up routine for someone to deliver, I have toyed with it for years and crack up when I listen stuff I have randomly recorded and think I could do it, they would need to be quite fat and possibly mentally unhinged to get away with it but otherwise its an easy routine to sell.

this list is a work in progress and i will return and fill it in, if i had written this ten years ago it would have had loads of different places but being the lucky Son Of A Bitch I am I have been to most of them, I do intend doing the RV tour of the US one day with my wife but I am thankful for all the places I have had the honour of visiting wither one my own as the strange limey who speaks to the desert animals or with my wife and kids. if you have list let me see it and please do comment on mine, am I being too conservative or ambitious let me know.


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