Miserable c**t? possibly but with good reason

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Crazy stuff

I was unfortunate enough to have to be in A&E last night, my attempt to be on the GB tabogganing team failed and big man + steel wall = broken ribs and bruised shoulder. I had been uncomfortable for a good few hours before I got there and the prodding and poking was making things worse so my mood was a little antagonistic to say the least. after an hour of waiting around, after being told they would be with me very soon , a sweet little old lady was wheeled out of a side room, she had no legs and looked like she could have been methuselas mother, she was worse for wear, either medicated or drunk and as she went by she screeched ” Merry Christmas everyone” to which a few smiled but most ignored her, my face twitched more at the hilarity of it than the sentiment but otherwise no reaction.

” You bunch of miserable c**Ts” was her response and again this did nothing but raise a few smiles, a young boy looked at his parents for guidance but he spoke another language and hopefully they would have been able to explain it away with a few choise words. the incident did nothing but relieve a little of the boredom but did raise a question later. am I miserable for not enjoying the christmas period or just not a hypocrit? I give gifts with much thought gone into them, I send a few cards, not many the wife does the bulk of them and I even arranged a meal for my group to get them into the swing of things, all of this I do inspite of my feelings towards what in my eyes is a christian festival that has been hijacked by the world of commerce to nefarious ends.

My answer this fine day is no, I may be in the minority on this but I know for a fact I’m far from alone. Some people dislike it for nostalgic reasons which I get but would ask them to try and detach the implied meaning of the day and realise that they have missed their loved one every day since theyd gone so try not to make this one day an extra bad one for yourselves.Others feel they are missing out and it emphasises their lonliness, again if you were alone on nov 25th the what difference does a month make, its not them who put this stress on the day but the world outside. I have three children and a wife who all love christmas and its for them I bother to do anything, in the past I have been alone and enjoyed a normal meal followed by the same trip to the pub I would have made any other day of the year. if its not important to you every day of the year then dont let it become so just because its christmas.

I am a bit of a maverick on this one because I believe christmas should be most important day in the year to some folks, and those folks are practicing christians, and to be honest no-one else has a roight or reason to make anyone else feel bad or guilty about the 25th of december. On the big night I will remain vigilant for over weight norsemen dressed in red trying to gain access to my sons bedroom, Ive got BPD so entering my house without permission isnt a smart thing to do, so if my opinions prove wrong and he does exist and he turns up dead tomorrow morning floating in the Medway you know whats up. For all my christian friends have a great day, to all the others who really enjoy the day then knock yourselves out and to everyone else who doesnt really care one way or the other be cool and do what suits you, dont miss the queens speech though cos thats not patriotic and I have a few days worth of blogs on that subject.


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