Ok Andy we’ll wrestle for it, like hell.

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have now had a few days to think it over and the whole me and Andy McNab writing similar books thing can be resolved, at least on the newer editions of the novel I’ll be sending out. I dont know if the agents that rejected it had been aware of the similar stories and did so as a result, would be nice if I thought they might have mentioned it but I dont know what the score is in this type of situation, after all copy cat books are tne a penny these days, the sudden rise in Vampire fiction and stories about young boys with mysterious powers and long dead heroic parents is obvious to see, there has already been an Andy McNab wannabe phase which he saw off as he has all his enemies so maybe they just wrote it off as a done thing and sent it back accordingly, maybe they just didnt like my style of prose or had had a bad night and didnt fancy it, I’ll never know and apart from the bad days when I let these things run amock in my head it doesnt really matter any more.

I have resolved to make a few minor changes that will help, I can easily do a find and replace to change the name of the character, I had a few ideas when I invented him and will just fall back to the best one so far unused. the premise cant be changed and would spoil the whole thing and his background is based on some solid knowledge which cant be replaced without some heavy researcjh that I dont want to do, it may take some of the authenticity of the story away as a side effect as well. I never had this down as a money maker, its a hobby which others may enjoy but best seller wasnt ever on my radar so nothing is really lost although I would have liked to have a few hardcore Andy readers to have a gander and offer their opinions which probably wont happen now.

its all just a bit of to do about nothing really and I have the means to change my own work to avoid any unpleasantness the similarities might cause and to be honest things are far more important elsewhere in my life that I dont have to worry about a fantasy situation of being published anytime soon.


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