Post 100, a red letter day??

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Mental Health

So after a whole two days of anticipation the blog has finally arrived this is my 100th post on this forum. I have pondered the significance of this, is there any? and what I should use as my subject for the big day, that said I have nothing, nada, diddly squat so its just a plain old post about normal stuff I’m afraid, any plans to throw a surprise party will have to be held back for the 250th post when I may have had time to plan something profound and memorable.

So this post could be led by the anniversary or anything at all and my need to do something seems to be helping me throw light on my current downturn, the ability to let my thoughts out seems to be having a good effect and I would recommend it to anyone with a similar condition, the old addage its good to talk still holds true in digital format. Now I started this blog with the intention of concentrating on my first love, well second one really movies but I got sidetracked and created another one just about films, tv and music and decided to use this one for my mental health issues, by happenstance it turned out to be a good choice as I have connected with some great people on the subject of BPD through this and also the therapeutic value of getting my thoughts out of my head cannot be underestimated.

I have , in the past few days wondered how much of what Ive written actually gets read or judged by others and how I would feel one way or the other, in the end I decided I dont really care, not to diminish the attention but its a secondary issue for me, I dont read my blog once its written and probably never will but knowing I have “said” what I have makes me feel better and its free and usually without any cost either emotionally or physically so wheres the downside??

In my past I would have held onto all these thoughts feelings and emotions and used them as fuel for the huge fire of rage burning in my head, this was my downfall in life and a tough salutory lesson I needed to learn albeit the colateral damage done was a bit harsh for my loved ones and victims. now I benefit from the facility to vent any odd thoughts and even have a bit of fun being faceacious about stuff on occasion.

My next hundred or so blogs wont be very different to my first I imagine but thats fine, if it aint broke dont fix it, mind you suggesting Im not broken is a bit rich but its a metaphor not meant to be wholly true right?


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