The big 100, does it make a difference

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Mental Health

In the spirit I wrote of yesterday of trying to do a blog everyday just to see if it helps with my general maliase here goes. This will be my 98th post for this blog so the big one is only two away and I wondered if it mattered in the scheme of things or should I mark it with a extra pithy blog or rake over some old themes, I cant get my head into it right now and really dont see the point in marking it but will I regret it when I get to 115 and look back??

That said I have gone inot my head again today for reasons only known to the god of bad thoughts, I was standing in Poundland after buying some tat and cheap pepsi max when I noticed the cards and lights that were on sale. I wondered if I sent a message asking people not ot buy me and the family cards, the idea that it would save a tree at least when all added up, they would abide by my wishes or send it because I’m on the list and they feel that 25th december is important that I know they know who I am, which I decided thats what cards were about during the big breakdown on 2001-2004, a tough one that time I’ll say.

I know the cards have been produced so no tree’s will be saved but it got my head running in a direction it does go sometimes when I get all grinch like about the festive season. We are bombarded continuously with green messages about saving the environment, my house is an ecologically neutral one built with sustainable materials and solar panel and special water saving features so my housing association can say they helped to save the planet. Now this is all well and good but for 48 weeks of the year we bang on about saving the earth and then for the month that is now dominated by the christmas/new year celebrations we throw it all out of the window and chop down countless thousands of trees to decorate and throw away, millions more for cards and decorations, wrapping pape etc and then leave lights on for hours just to show the neighbours we have more money to burn than them, when written down it does look like a silly situation but when weighed against the crap we get bombarded with about glabal warming and using this detergent not that one because it uses less electricity to run the machine etc, it makes me angry to be honest.

Now if someone said to me I will using the internet to buy your presents, I wont be wrapping them and I’ll text you rather than send a card because they wanted to be carbon neutral I would applaud them, I’d slate them for being a wooly liberal tree hugger but they would be doing something about their conscience, no traveling, wasted paper etc but next time I get tutted at for not recycling my empty bottle by someone who used a small forest to wish people a happy christmas I may have to take them and use them as compost in a deserted forest somewhere. The government might even be persuaded to intervene and make things mandatory like no external lights after a certain time and recycled paper used in the majority of cards and wrapping etc but they would be seen as the Ebenezer Scrooge of politics and the opposition would bite on it straight away so the will to do it disappears with the potential for lost votes.

I thought about this in a matter of seconds and brooded on it for hours but writing it down has been helpful, it hasnt changed my mind but it has helped, I may dislike christmas for all the commercial and religious crap but I like the idea of having a festival of caring and giving so Im not completely off of the idea, I just think the hipocrsy of it all is wrong and I wont be persuaded against my ideas.


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