Fuming, Black is now a racial slur

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Crazy stuff

I have been out of the picture for a few days, visiting my daughter at uni and looking after my six year old have taken over my week, a good thing I think you’ll agree. In this time the whole John Terry racist thing has occured and been jumped on by everyone and their aunt, and yes I am a fan of his but its not what he said thats bothering me, its why its said to be racist, the alleged comment is he said Anton you black C**T, he says he said blind and this makes more sense in the context of what went on but regardless where is the racial slur?

As I write this I am still yet to recieve the message clearly sent to everyopne else which dictates the word black is racial abuse, white seems to have missed this delineation thankfully but I didnt realise black had taken on board this new meaning. I call people names based on their appearance all the time, I myself have been callled a fast bastard for years and bald git etc and if I was so inclined I could quite easily protest at the mean spiritedness of the words or claim some kind of discrimination, excpet I am fat and balding so where would I base the claim, Anton Ferdinand is many things including black, he’s actually mixed race but thats beside the point, if I think he’s useless as a player, and I do its not beyond the realms of possibility that his colour couldnt be included in my assertion of this, its not necessary to say he’s black anymore than saying Im fat when claiming I’m a bastard but it happens and theres no slur intended, in fact if hes comfortable in his ethnicity it would be a positive thing wouldnt it.

I’m white, six feet tall and big, I’m fat now but I have always been a big lad so racism has never really been a problem, you’d think. At my school your colour was massively important, whites blacks and asians had very seperate experiences of being a kid in south london and the idea white kids had it easy is not only wrong but insulting, the kids who caused most of the racial problems at my school were the asian lads who congregated in one pitch every break and tried to exclude anyone else, this made others angry and the fights that ensued were caused by them in my eyes, the black and white kids were reasonably well inytegrated except when there was a falling out and the racial lines were drawn, this lasted a few days and never really built into anything, my point is I cant speak about raxcism froim a black guys point of view with any authority but I do know what is racist and whats not. Calling anyone white, black or any other colour is only insulting if they arent actually that colour, the word half caste is now considered racist but it wasnt when I was a kid, I understand why and accept that if it bothers them its not right to use it so I dont and try and get my young wards to refrain from it as well, explaining why.

If i am watching football and see Steve sidwell make an error I will call him a useless ginger bastard, if a player with long hair screws up likewise he gets both barrels about being either a hippy or a pikey, which is a racist word apparently, its what we do, and by we I mean people the most obvious thing about someone is what we comment on first, in Antons case its his colour, to call him black is not saying he is somehow deficient because of his colour just that he is that colour, to use a word like nigger or coon would be different obviously although the word honkey and cracker seem to be quite acceptable right now but this isnt about that so I wont digress. Anton ferdinand is black and should be proud of the fact, someone saying he’s black is no more an insult than remninding him he’s also the brother of rio, which would offend me more by some margin. When the FA get the lip readers verdict and it comes back that he did say black c**t then I want them to clarify what is racist about that statement before their almost guaranteed knee jerk reaction to it, but its not going to happen as in the often quoted words , its political correctness gone mad.


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