Scepticism, pessimism, all the isms

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Mental Health

I have been accused of being the eternal sceptic, quite fairly until recently but I have been convinced by smarter folks than me that its a BPD thing and not a reality, which I was happy to accept as it admonished me of guilt in this area and kind of acted as a get out of jail free card. Like most BPD sufferers I have done things that are not nice, said things I shouldnt have and acted on impulses that I had no right to so anyone offering me a free excuse for this gets a thumbs up, quite naturally.

No my scepticism has always played a big part in my life, I trust no one right to their position whether thats teachers, doctors, therapists or anyone else, if I dodnt personally grade their paper then why should I trust the person who did and by definition that makes any qualification spurious in my mind, twisted yes but thats the way things have always been for me, I have experiences that have borne this out over the years but to most they would be the exception not the the rule, Im not most people though.

Now some may have read my recent blog about higgs bosson and Dr Stephen Hawkins et al, I dont believe their theoretical positions and feel a little aggreieved that the world just accepts them as sane when I get the odd look for being sceptical. this would have remained just another one of my quirks to me and the rest of the world could smugly smile and shake their heads putting it down to my condition, well recent news has proven me at least justified in my scepticism if not my entire thesis on these theoritcal scientists and just for the record gravity has never been proven to me beyond reasonable doubt, I know about the properties of centrifugal force and feel they explain the attraction to the earth plenty for me.

what has changed? well those fine folks at CERN who have spent billions upon billions looking for a theoretical atomic particle have now had to admit that Einstein may have been a little hasty oin his claims about light speed being absolute maximum, the scientists who laugh at the suggestion that alien life forms could have travelled anywhere near us because they would be too far to get here at light speed may have to question their own ideas now. Dont get me wrong I dont claim there have been alien visits or anything freaky like that but I do believe there is no absolute facts in the world of astrophysics, new things are being discovered weekly and technology has advanced at such a pace that exponential growth would suggest there is no ceiling on what they will soon be able to do. Imagine a mobile phone five years ago, they were quite cool, not too big and had some neat tricks, we would have happily continued at that level for decades and been happy right, now look at what they have dine to them, smartphones are everywhere they have apps that can do almost anything and video and high def are standard features, where does that leave us in the next five years or ten or twenty, do you really think that current tech will stand up to the rigours of advancement?

If they can now say a particle has traveled faster than light then what will they be able to measure in ten years time, after all the scientists of tomorrow have been brought up on the world wide web, never has more information been available freely for them to cross reference and imagine what they will be like with the new stuff thats still yet to be released, the cure for cancer could be sitting in the hard drive of a student right now just waiting for his dissetation to be published, alpha waves have been trialed and now they are looking closley in that direction. If Einsteins venerated theories can be quashed then nothing is safe and my own attitude makes sense, why do we accept things that are not offered as proven facts just because some other theory backs them up, if your first line of bricks is out of level the whole wall will follow that line, so if someone arbitarily states the wall is now the new idea of level everything that follows is flawed and thats whats happening now in my mind.

Yes my BPD has made me contrary and hard to please information wise but it may also have been correct all along and nothing to be sniffed at, if that can be true what of the other supposedly negative stuff associated with it, could they just be a little bit marter thinking, maybe we’re ahead of the game and this could be the start of the renaisance of thought, while our mobile phones become implants in our head and flying cars become a common place thing maybe the misunderstood will come out of the darkness and be seen as visionarys of a different kind, the emperors new clothes was supposed to teach us not to believe what we are told on face value but it seems the scientific and mdecial community have followed false prophets fopr so long they may just have to listen with new ears to the less obvious and appreciate the left feild thinkers.

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