Evolution of the sub species

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I heard the other day on the radio that Jamie Oliver is petitioning the UN to do something about the problem of obesity, its a world wide problem althought trhe people of Sudan probably havent been quite so worried these days have they. I dont mean to be flippant about this stuff but I really dont see how the UN can stop the dual problem of lazy parenting and poor quality cheap food in anyway and if I’m honest I dont believe the problem can and will be solved, I have a contreversial attitude to this and other common ills of the modern world and that is evolution is still happening. Yes thats right once we discovered the theory of evolution, and sorry to any creationists but we do mostly believe it the whole process didnt stop and in the intervevening years we have probably evolved faster and with less positive effect.

I believe that the gulf between the haves and have nots is growing but i dont mean having money I mean intelligence. it seems the children of the internet are either very intelligent or thick as shit and there seems to be only a small middle ground which is shrinking as more move into either but unfortunately it seems the thicker end is growing faster. its these kids who are also getting fatter and putting more pressure on the world as a whole. When I was a kid we had a few bad eggs on the estate. they stood out in their difference and usually they were bit scruffy and had bad hair cuts, their parents were obvioulsy lazy gits who didnt care whether they were up to no good and the kids, some of whom I know now are pretty much of the same ilk now, but their kids are joined by a growing group of equally badly parented kids and they now outnumber the good kids by a huge margin.

If you look at the intelligence and obesity issue in isolation there seems to be nothing to worry about but its the lazy parents whos kids generally get fat because its easy to buy them mac donalds et al or ready meals than makle the effort to cook for them, the same effort needs to be expended on helping the kids with their homework which they get far more of these days. what the kids do instead is use the wealth of information on the internet to find new friends and bully them, the access to information on almost everything else is lost on them, mum sits on facebook until they get home from school then they go on and the cycle continues.

Fat kids who are ignorant seem to be the new thing and with the suddena dn meteoric rise of the autsistic spectrum it seesm there is soemthing amiss in modern life. I mean no disrespect to those who have thse conditions, i dont have any problem believing the problem exists I just have an issue with how many new cases there are every year, when my eight year old nepohem was diagnosed I knew two other kids who had it now everyone I meet has some one in the family with one of the autistic disorders, from apsergers to full on autism and it cant be right that this is happening under the full gaze of the worlds medical and mental health professionals without some serious intervention. Now add this to the fattys and the thickos and things start to seem like there is a pattern forming, maybe its the evolution of our species in a very different direction to the survival of the fittest model, after all apes are starting to use stone tools to break things and their evolution is very much on track, is it impossible that we are seeing the wane of the species and the rise of the next and maybe in a million years there will be fat useless minkeys who arent too bright being usurped by the next creature in the evolutionary cycle.

Just to equalise my arguement I see the rise in mental illness as inevitable in much the same the way, essentially the pool of good genes is diminishing with the very smart and able almost cutting themselves off from the lower echelons of society and I dont mean upper classes I mean the thinking classes which includes some very poor but well cared for people who didnt get mistreated by poor parents, therefore they suffered no trauma and didnt go on to get some disorder as a result. if the pattern continues then eventually we will see a divide in the westernized world of two species those with brains and endeavour and those happy to consume whatever they are served up util they eventualy slip away due to diabetes and heart disease among other things leaving behind them children ill prepared for the world around them who then follow the pattern and we get lower life spans and eventually the specieswill disappear entirely, its a leap from Jamie Oliver visiting the UN but I know it makes some sense to me.


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