Dude number 1

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Mental Health

A bit whimsical this one but its not like we have to be soo derpressed all the time is it, life may be crap and yes its hard to function sometimes but in the end its just you and yourself and if you cant keep yourself company then who else is going to.

I crack myself up, just the way I think about things sometimes is hilarious, not to everyones taste I’m sure but it makes me smile and the fact I smile at all sometimes counts as a miracle. I know your common or garden BPD sufferer has nothing to smile about most days and the thought of having a laugh seems to be a world away from where they are right now but its at that point I start to get in touch with my other side, the sick sense of humour which revels in slating myself and in the end far from being a self flagelation its a cause for laughter. I know I’m not going to be able sell this idea to everyone but if just one other person gets the same benefits I do then alls good, and worst comes to worst I get to feel like a fool for a while and it beats feeling like a psycho or other general nutter.

I like dark humour anyway, the sick jokes make me smile even when I know they are mean and unfair at times, I do laugh when people fall over in the snow, except the old ones not that sick, and I find myself looking at things in a comical way just to pass the time, maybe its my condition or just how I was meant to be but its a good thing in my eyes and I celebrate it. Evene in the most horrible moments in therapy I have been able to lighten the mood with a glib comment, its not always welcomed but usually it is and I get the , oh steve look from the others as if its nothing less than expected, which I like I think.

I am a dude because I say I am, I like dude music and dude films and everything that dudes are into, I’m way too old for the current generation of dude but I was in on the beginning of the whole skateboard thing and now extreme sports have large dude followings I guess I just tagged myself on as a veteran, the music isnt always to my taste and the Tattoos dotn really appeal but I logve to watch the Xgames and wear cargo shorts and generally behave way too young and that helps in the days when Im feeling shit, I get to let loose a little and rock out and do everything I dont really feel like doing under the guise of being dude. If more people embraced dudeness then the world would be a better and more peaceful place, i guess the dude is the 21st century version of the hippy or surfer and like those other cultural sets we like peace and harmony except in our music where neither of those things exist. try it for yourself and see how it works, you dont have to change your clothes or tastes in anything just your attitude, its not permanent and you can still go back to feeling crap when your done but its a nice break and you might enjoy it.

Lighten up dudes

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