BPD is officially cool, Yeah I said it

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Mental Health

Clearly having BPD is not cool but trying to explain whats going on and feeling like second class citizens at best and more like sixth class most of the time I figured it was time to lift our eyes up to the stars and realise we are actually very cool people who deserve more than a little respect for being who we are and the efforts to make ourselves “Better” whatever that is supposed to mean.

I have listed the good side of the illness/disorder before and if you want to read it its in the archives of this blog, they dont bare repeating just to make a point so I’ll leave them where they are for prosperity and concentrate on the here and now, my therapist would be so proud to hear me say that.
We are difficult and obstinate, sometimes cruel and very childish and in the main it would be a very tough life for anyone we have to share our space with, all negatives I hear you say. I guarantee that no one who lives with one of us has ever described their lives as boring or predictable, we are capable of extreme displays of affection and our inventiveness makes us interesting to watch and listen to.

I know loads of”Normal” people who envy myn thought process’s, the way I can discern bullshit instantly and never get caught out by scams because I have thought of their angle before they even started the pitch, this was described as paranoia at one point but its self preservation and we have that in spades, after all we would have just done ourselves in if we so decided and we havent have we?

So the word cool may not jump into the fore of your mind when BPD gets a mention but we have to be proud of something and why not our uniqueness and diversity, wher eothers follow a crowd and become sheep we are into different religions, philosophys and ideaologies as well as being extremely creative and curious about others and the way things work. You can stay in your pigeonhole of professionaly mentally ill and accept others judgement on us or create your own self image based on what you want to be seen as, be that good or bad, me I’m going for cool and aloof.


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