Terrorism and media

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Mental Health
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  • I know we have to mark the anniversary of events like 9/11 and the tenth is importnat but I cant help feeling we are actually accentuating rhe purpose of the whole attack. Al Qeada set out to cause terror, the deaths were almost secondary and in reality they have been extremely successful in the edeavour because they quite literally changed the world forever which was way beyond their wildest dreams on sept 10th when they were gearing up for the attack. The definition of Terrorism isnt about killing but to cause terror in the minds of the enemy and this has been achieved in spades, the americans were always an easy target as they would shirk away from anywhere that had been subject to an attack for long periods< I'm not saying they are cowards but the average american tourist is easily diverted by any type of terrorist attack large or small.

    All the publicity this last few weeks has only served as a reminder of what has been done and how easily they achieved it, it will heighten the feelings of paranoia the americans already have as well as in the rest of the westernised world, in essence its like a freebie attack by Al Qeada, the fears and terror are being revisited without the need to actually carry out any attack, whihc depending on where you get your opinions from is unlikely to be possible as they are struggling under the weight of infighting over who will head the organisiation from now on.

    The current panic in new york over a supposed new threat is probably justified but it shines a light on the fact that the mere suggestion of terrorism works almost as effectively as any actual attack and in my mind the media has a huge part to play in this, all the 24hr new stations are so desperate to fill the time they report everything regardless of whether it is corroberated or not, this causes those out there, americans especally who believe everything the news channels say as fact, to worry about everything and terrorism is achieved by default. Al Jazeera are in my mind nothing more than a mouth piece for Muslim fundementalists yet anything they do is immediatly reported on the other channels as news, this is caused by the need to fill 24 hrs everyday and even thoough the repetition doesnt seem to phase the producers they will bite on anything they deem to be news regardless of the public good in any matter.

    I believe in a free press and that government should be held accountable by the press but when it comes to passing on information that is designed to cause terror there should be a common sense attitude which may hamper the terrorists agenda and take away some of the venom of their attacks. In New York this weekend and Washington the Americans are on high alert, there are heavly armed police everywhere and paranoia is rife, knowing the american way there will be high anxiety as well and Al Qeada would be well pleased with its work even if its supposed plans never materialise, which i suspect will be proven to be the case. No lives will be saved by issueing a public notice about this, the police and army along with the FBI and homeland security have all the possible bases covered so if it happens it would have happened anyway, the public offer little in terms of effective detterent and the hightened state of anxiety may cause there to be anti muslim acivity which could in theory cause more harm than anything else, after all the injury of a muslim would anger the community and make the creation of more fundementalists more likely.

    I hope this weekend passes peacefully but no more than any other weekend should, if necessary remember the events ten years ago tomorrow or do as most do and remember them anyway regardless of the current date, be as aware as you always would be of the threat of terrorism, in Britain we have lived in the shadow of terrorism for decades and nothing changes much in our lives, we behave much as we nromally do and even go so far as make a point of doing so, I’m not saying we’re better than the americans although I believe we are, but if the media of the world ignored the need to report every threat no matter what we might have less stress and the terrorist would lose its most effective weapon, publicity.

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