Narcissism is the new black

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Mental Health
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I hate narcissism it bugs me they get all the attention they want and I get none, hang on is that narcissism I’m showing in hating it? who cares. The point is BPD sufferers have many different traits and we have to accept them all if we are going to get along with each other but the hardest one for me to accept is narcissism as its so hard to bear the company of someone who seems to value themselves above everyone elses, after all we all have the same difficulties so no matter what you may think no one is worse off than any other sufferer, not in a psychological sense anyway.

the reason its so much in my head today is because I am trying to not involve myself in a blatant effort by a narcissist to get attention and make themselves out to be a victim whilst trying to put someone else in the position of aggressor for no reason other than someone has to be the bad guy. ordinarily I would just step up and put them back in their box but as its a BPD thing I feel caution would be better used as I could in theory cause more harm than good by saying something but in saying nothing am I by proxy accepting the behaviour and even condoning it?

I have never been into the self centred thing, I hate the drama  our lives create and want to hide my symptoms from the world at large, the main problem I had in therapy was having to take the spotlight for a while in order to get my stuff out, easier in the small groups but I knew I was getting something out of it when I could happily take over a larger group and not feel I was either stealing someones elses opportunity or showboating for my own sake, I think on reflection thats the point of it but I was loathe to start and it took a while for me to get into it, which I think shows that it isnt one of my traits, I have many others so its not like I’m better off than them on any level.

It is hard to like a narcissist, they are so wrapped up in themselves you have to make so many allowances for them it just isnt worth it sometimes, obviously there are those that are worth the effort and I will try as hard as I can to be there for them as long as its not to my detriment, which was something I wasnt employing before, lessons learned I guess.

while I accept that they are not doing it on purpose and may have real issues behind it I dont feel like just rolling over and letting them get away with it, after all I have a real desire to smash people’s heads in sometimes but if I did it they would indulge me by lining a couple of no marks as fodder would they. The real problem is I see it being accepted and then copied and if this carries on then there will be a new swathe who think its not only OK but almost expected, if theyve seen its a trait on there diagnosis they might be just a little bit narcissistic but seeing other get away with it they might decide to go the whole hog and do the me me me thing for real.

In conclusion I am going to ignore this person for now unless they get too over the top then my own traits will kick in and I’ll get medieval on their asses, metaphorically speaking. The end result is someone out there is feeling bad just because someone else want to make them into a baddie for their own purposes and I dont like it, what will I do is in the lap of the gods, who of course I dont believe in. if you think this is about you then youre probably a narcissist which is fine and very fashionable but the chances are its not so dont worry too much.



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