I just read a funny quotation about 8% of Californians claiming to be abducted by aliens, 8% is a lot of people and some of them will no doubt be the regular Kooks who claim to be in the know on all the outrageous conspiracy theories that proliferate in the states. It got me thinking, these people may have very reasonable reasons for their statement, a vivid dream or a drug fantasy and others will most likely have psychotic reasons which make them feel certain it happened, lets be conservative and say that covers 75% of the respondents to this questions but that leaves 25% and some of them are professional people who command respect in their communities, how do we explain their stories and how do they maintain their position in light of their claims.

I know that I have a really vivid memory of seeing a ghost, I definitely saw what I saw and up until fairly recently I believe 100% I had seen a ghost, I even had an explanation for why he was there and what had happened to him. I was working nights in Northwood a small town north of london fitting netting to a bridge over the tube lines, there were four of us working and it was my turn to stand at the foot of the ladder while my  mate did the work at the top, my colleagues were doing the same thing so two of use were standing on ladders chatting in the half light, there was work going on at the station and plenty of other construction types wandering about including a few foremen. I watched as one of the foremen left the platform and walked towards us, I assumed he wanted to speak to us and waited for him to stop and say something, he walked at a normal pace toward my mate Martin but when he reached him he carried on walking straight through him, he then walked on into the dark tunnel beneath the road and disappeared. Suitably freaked out I said nothing at first for fear of sounding crazy but I asked Martin if he felt anything weird and he said he did get a shiver all of a sudden so I told him and then we told the other two, only one of them was dismissive the other being freaked out too.

we asked the station supervisor and he said a guy had been thrown over the bridge a few years before and some people had claimed to see him, this backed me up and I was certain I’d seen him too, before this I wasnt entirely sure of the existence of ghosts and paranormal stuff but this made me reconsider and for many years I believed it to be true. then during therapy it was explained to me the power   of psychosis and many people with BPD claimed to have seen or experienced supernatural events which were later debunked as tricks of the mind, at first I was sceptical that we could all be wrong but after some reflection and discussion I asceeded and to be honest feel better for it. most of the others were clear they had experienced whatever their particular fantasy was and we agreed top disagree for the sake of peace.

So the alien abductees may just be suffering from an undiagnosed personality disorders or could they be telling the truth? its unlikley although having watched the X files and many movies about the ancient Sumerians experiences and other heavily discussed subjects on the internet I am a little confused by it all, there may have been soething going on but if its true why did it stop and where is all the concrete evidence that surely must exist. My rational mind says there are loads of weak minded people who want to believe this stuff and some unscrupulous authors who are willing to create their own evidence by interpreting things from their own angle to make it work for them but the old saying goes you can fool some of the people some of the time so is that whats going on here or did I see a ghost, have my friends also had these experiences after all these things are not restricted to mental health patients and we are part of the mainstream too, is it just statistically likely that a certain percentage of us will have seen something as part of the population in general? to be honest I’m happier thinking it was a psychotic episode and if thats the case I can apply logic to it and like most people logic is comforting so I’ll stick with it for now, but if it should happen again I may have a different opinion but if aliens come to abduct me they better be prepared for a showdown.


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