I have to say my original answer to this would have been a resounding no, that was a few years back after I had spent a good amount of time and effort looking at the main monotheistic religions as well as eastern philosophies and everything I could inbetween. I wanted to find an answer to my problems somewhere and the lack of such meant I came down hard on them, I pulled their superstitious teachings apart and girded my loins to battle anyone stupid enough to buy into these things. Not much has changed for me since then but a perspective change has allowed me to be more open to the possibility there is a higher power or purpose even if I dont quite rightly know what or who it might be.

I have a friend, a fellow blogger and BPD buddy who is heavily into the Pagan side of things and I admit that I find an awful lot in the many old world religions that speak to me on a level never before experienced, I wouldnt say I’m a convert as they leave me with as many questions as they answer and I may just be attracted to the wonderful imagery that they create, I was always enamoured by the Greek and Roman gods along with my own ancestors mythology in the norse sagas, these were held to be true beliefs for many years longer than  the younger religions and even the Jews were very into the same beliefs before they took to their One true god so who are they to say the old ways arent true.

What this has to do with my BPD may not be obvious but it does have bearing on the question that I myself ask and has been brought up in my group as to why it happened to us? what have we done that bad shit doesnt just happen but recurs with regularity and for some seems to be a millstone they will never shed. I try to be philosophical about it and not look too hard at things like Karma, Glenn Hoddle got in serious trouble for suggesting Karma might be the cause for people ills but theres a tiny bit of me that believes it, we dont know what we have done in these mysterious past lives we may or may not have had so just because we havent sinned in this life doesnt mean we arent in debt to the gods of karma does it?

I have decided to spend a bit more time trying to get my head around this subject as a personal exercise, for my own benefit and although I have a decent grasp on most of the beliefs I may need to look at it wont stop me asking questions of those who already have a faith, I have never begrudged anyone their beliefs as they have a valid influence on people and if its a good thing for them then why worry if theyre wrong or right, theyre happy and thats enough. My recent feelings have wandered towards the Norse myths and conversely the ancient american indians who may seem at odds but in reality have many common threads.

I have had the honour to have met some wonderful native americans and they are not always happy, their entire race has been washed from the face of the earth, yet they struggle on and hold to their belief that the world as a mother will treat them well in the afterlife, they have so many wonderfully astute sayings which hold well even in todays business led world, while global conglomerates rape the land and sea they try and maintain a place on the planet as a calming influence, there are bad eggs of course there are but the spirit I have seen in the guys I’ve met has been an inspiration.

I guess the answer to my question is its up to you, there would be a million reasons to believe we have nothing to base our beliefs on, our lives are evidence if the callous nature of fate and if its being directed by a higher being it does beg the question what are they thinking, but if you do have the inclination to believe there is more to it then the world is enriched by many great people of all faiths who can pas on knowledge that could change your perspective and maybe even answer the question you always wanted to know the answer to. I leave this debate with my favourite saying which is attributed to an ancient Cree prophecy

When all the trees have been cut down,?when all the animals have been hunted,?when all the waters are polluted,?when all the air is unsafe to breathe,?only then will you discover you cannot eat money. ~


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