Just read some fascinating stuff about rh search for Higgs boson, Yawn, and looked at the very complicated and expensive equipment that has been invented just to search for what is until now a theoretical sub atomic particle, all sounds very reasonable and sensible I’m sure to thos interested in such things but I Just wondered why they have cured cancer yet or cured my BPD, come up with the end of world hunger or a vaccine that can solve the deaths of millions of children worldwide on a regular basis, you know if we have all this funding available for Higgs Boson then we must have money to burn and thats why theyre doing it right?

The mental health field is shrinking is fiscal terms and the problem is growing exponentially so wheres that money gone? cancer is also a big issue I agree but I dont have it and this is my blog afterall, I’m not in anyway dismissing the effects but as I dont have a personal view it would be trite to pass one on. So we have a rise in depression and personality disorders in general but no new miracle drugs to speak of, yes some folks do well on the stuff out there but many dont and there is room for something else, whether its a mood stabilizer that doesnt mong you out and get you eating to an anti depressant that allows for other emotions, which is my personal gripe.

I suppose what I’m saying is there is nothing urgent in the search for Higgs Boson and if we never find it, which looks very likely the world will carry on without anything changing except for a few scientific journals but they still spend fortunes on this stuff and I want them to stop, give it up as pointless and get these massive intellects to work on the real problems in life, some science geek might be spewing at this point but if hes got nothing else to worry about then he’s a very lucky man


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