Teaching a genius new tricks

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Mental Health
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There I said it I’m a genius, and I’m not embarrassed to say it although I do make one caveat on this one, in my opinion I’m a genius and I dont have any independent verification of this fact as of yet. the facts are seriously in my favour though as I generally get everything I’m told or read straight away and can use all information I get in context and without the need to re learn things, thats enough proof for me but I understand that others may want me to pass “Tests” and “Exams” and stuff to prove it but they are nay sayers and should be left with their academic evidence and see how quickly they learn that the certificates dont taste good or keep you warm, my brains have supplied food and shelter for my family and helped many others to achieve their potential, that alone gives me cause to celebrate my genius.

Ok so I have a mild case of superiority complex and my BPD may have skewed my vision of the world around me but everyone I meet says I’m smart and they cant all be wrong can they, some of them are even chinese and I could take that as an endorsement of the whole country which is over a billion people added to that the indians who have told me via the BT call centre I am clever and again there over a billion of them, you see where I’m going with this, I can also point to many americans and Canadians who think I’m clever and by now the majority of the world has backed me up and I’m literally like an able bodied Stephen hawking, both from Kent and I dont have a pretentious american accent so I’m ahead of the game there as well.

Most genius is not identified until after the death of the genius in question and usually they are rejected by the illuminated folks of the time as mavericks and cranks well nearly everyone who knows me thinks I’m a crank and being a maverick may be harder these days but I could pass the exam if required, I have all the prerequisite of a genius without all the baggage, I dont claim to have invented something or discovered a fact that others were also trying to prove at the same time, there is no competitive side to my brains they work for me and those around me but otherwise I dont want to claim any grandiose titles or plaudits, I just want to get along with my dysfunctional brain in a manner that is conducive to modern life, yes I may profess many things which are true and therefore back my claims up but I dont espouse my efforts in scientific journals or the mass media, I hide my light under a bushel, whatever one of them is and yes as a genius I should probably know that, its on my to do list.

In closing I think that anyone who has the great pleasure of reading my works will agree with me, or just stop reading at this point I’m guessing, and if you do that makes me right and again proves my genius. the true measure of a genius is what he does with what he knows and I do nothing with most of mine, its called preservation of energy which is very much the way in 21st century britain, Im economically sound and therefore of my time, read it and weep folks my incredible intellect is here for all to see, well depending how you interpret the rambling into real sentences I guess.

  1. celticawitch says:

    Ah, you’re a pleasure to read 🙂

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