Big brother makes me feel well again

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Mental Health

The fact is its crap, yes its very popular and I know people love it but its the most banal use of a TV studio theres ever been, but, and there is a but it make me feel like I’m a normal person for the short period its on. I dont watch is but its on and yes while I sit there I do pay attention and there is some real dross on so my wife likes to enjoy her big brother fix every summer.

I enjoyed the end of the last series as it showed all the wankers who ever went on before and shined a light on their collective deficiencies whilst highlighting the best bits of mine and if that seems snobby or elitist the  so what. I spend the best part of my life worrying about how I’m taken, do people see me as an attention seeker or bully or just plain mean or can they look past the obvious and see my good quality, yes singular which changes with the seasons or phases of the moon.

If you look at the average BB contestant they are clearly suffering with some severe personality disorder, I think its called stupid fucker PD but thats a guess, they certainly cannot claim to be better than me or my fellow sufferers as we may have cravings which appear to be crazy but at least we usually do so in private away from the eyes of the world, whether its transvestite portugeesers or tuorettes suffering musicians they are weird and stupid and also not a little bit annoying. When the dust settles after this years crimes against humanity there will no doubt be a new celebrity who will be a serious sad case and forgotten by the following christmas, we hope.

so all my friends out there with whatever PD they are struggling with just remember the complete twats that are currently on our TV’s and feel glad youre not them, you are a far more important and relevant person who has at the very least got self respect and pride. if you watch it then enjoy and I hope whoever you want to win does, but really even if they do are you going to remember them any longer than the end of the next month.


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