Rioting or theiving?

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As a south london boy the rioting is nothing new to me, in 81 and 86 brixton kicked off and among my friends at the time many legends were created, if everyone who says they were there actually was then somewhere in the region two million people were there and even today they speak about it in awed tones and thats the problem with these youngsters, they think its a cool thing to do.

fighting the police is glamourised by older people, rap music and their peers so when they get the chance to have go themselves it is too good to miss out on. In England today the police are manacled by stupid fears of litigation and therefore the kids know there is very little risk involved in joining in or even starting a riot. I wouldnt even call these riots as this suggests some public disorder for a reason this is a charade to cover the outright theft of anything they value. As I drove through london today it was obvious what was going on, the sports shops, mobile phone stores and jewellry stores were damaged most, the banks and betting offices had pointlessly been attacked and the odd off licence had been hit but the other stores were mostly untouched.

If they had any fear of the police action they would be running scared, the level of courage required to carry out this theiving is very low and the possibility of getting hurt or even more unlikely arrested is so low it has no impact on the little scrotes who have been enjoying this current throng of insurrection.

Whats to be done then to quell this outrageous run of behaviour? well in my opinion letting the police actually do their jobs on equal terms with the shitty little brats, a few tales of beatings and actual injury might deter the least keen of them and keep the gutless ones away for sure, another trick might be enforcing parental responsibility, I know if my boy came home with a load of new stuff and I was likely to get in the shit for it I would have him safely locked in his bedroom for the duration of the problems and the kids involved do have parents, just not very good ones and putting them in the sights of the judicary for the sins of their kids would scare them into action.

Finally I believe the army should be used in these situations, the nromal rule of law isnt enough so shrug off the rules and go for it, there may be injuries to young people but not innocenmt ones because they wouldnt be there if they were and sooner or later they would realise the risk wasnt worth the added kudos of robbing the carphone warehouse so they may just stay put for the interim and think twice. ulitmatley the parents need to be told and the kids need to be in fear of what might happen, until then I am supporting our policemen, some of whom are very dear friends of mine and I hope this blows over without any further deaths, but I’m not hopeful to be honest.


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