Posted: July 28, 2011 in Mental Health

Oh dear, I think that I may have upset the apple cart and to be honest I dont care too much as I have a right to be pissed off and let it be known in these circumstances, the funny thing is I left a staus and went away for the day, I’m not a serial Facebooker, I check in when i can but not religioulsy and in this case I could have saved a lot of wasted time and efforts if I had gone on line and checked earlier.

the set up is this, i went to meet my compatriots in our usual coffee shop as we have every week for months, I did notice that the others had taken a different route but it was still a reasonable assumption they would be where we always go, I was first there, again i went a quicker route so no dramas there, i ordered my usual and set myself up in our regular spot, sat and waited for the gang to arrive. they didnt show up and all i was left with was an ex colleague who i would rather drink piss than share coffee with and the group idiot, not the nicest of descriptions but fair nonetheless.

after i had been there on my own for the most part i get a belated call telling me they have set up shop in another establishment, this was not convenient as i had bought my drink and had settled in to drink it, in short i wasnt moving and had the hump, quite fairly I believe, BPD or not it was rude of them to leave me out of their change of plans and after a very terse coffee which i didnt enjoy I left fuming about it, the drive home winding myself up even more at the sheer lack of consideration, in my mind I wasnt considered at all and wanted to vent this anger to the group specifically, we have our own face book group so left my ire on there for the other to see.

what followed was a lesson in the minds of BPD sufferers, the paranoia and recriminations were incredible, the assumptions made and insecurities shown would have made a thesis on the subject an A* in my degree I’m sure. I simply just didnt check back on the thread as I was busy getting on with my life, i did however come on in the last hour or so and read all the messages over 15 of them, most between the commenters backing each other up and expressing the opinion that i was playing games by not responding, firstly I have no interest in playing games especially when I’m pissed off and secondly the fact they were certain of what was bothering me without me saying implied they knew theyd done it.

my purpose on writing this is to point out that I am human and have the right to vent my spleen when angry, BPD or not its natural to want to and people need to stop using the face book threadst to discuss whats they think ois going on, privately message each other and leave the paranoia in the private domain, please


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