What’s the point??

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Mental Health

In light of recent events around the world I am left wondering if my small insignificant problems matter in the scheme of things. there are parents greiving across Norway and children dying in East Africa literally every second of the day, and whats my problem, I have trouble relating to the real world and dont enjoy my life very much, put next to each other it seems pathetic doesnt it.

This is a valid point and one the nay sayers would jump on in a flash but in that case why do any of use try and do anything if the whole of the world is still in conflict or famine, whats the point of fixing someones telephone line, sending them bills or buying shopping if thats the way the world is. put simply you could argue that everything that anybody does unless they are saving lives is pointless and therefore not significant to anyone else. therefore the mentally ill in general and in my case BPD sufferers should just give up and either die or shut up and suffer in silence, the choice is ours.

there is another perspective though, one I dont always subscribe to but i think its right and should be at least mentioned. as sad as the world can be it doesnt follow that any one thing is more important than any other, some are unbearbly sad others just wrong in the whole natural justice thing but each life is important, if a baby was born in norway on friday and was ill would the staff have just given up because the world was just so harsh and many children had already died, of course not, they would have tried their very best to help them survive and every child that came after would be given the same accord Its the nature of life and its just how things work.

therefore I have to stretch this out to include my life, and that of anyone in general that i may have an opinion on. I could use this all as proof that life isnt worth living and settle down in my depressive funk and wait to die, this shouldnt be the case obvioulsy but if youve ever been in that state of mind you’ll get it, and even if youre fortunate enough to have avoided it you can probably understand it in any case. the initial question about there being any point is answered simly enough for me by looking at everybody else involved in my life, as much as it might feel like it I am not in isolation and everything I do or dont do has rammifications for others, if I was to shrug off this mortal coil my wife and children would be devastated, my dad would be decimated and the many people who I dont think would care would be affected in some way or other, even it was just having to sign a card or something. this means I have to carry on in the face of everything for them, and in doing so hope i achieve the ultimate prize of earning the right to live for myself at some stage.

in finishing I would like to say I do not in any way trivialise the events of the world but i have to put them in context, I have been through stuff which wasnt news worthy and now I live with the fall out, if it seems to be diminishing what has happened i apologise but I feel it needed to be said.

  1. gypsy116 says:

    Pain is pain, no matter how big or small. One persons suffering should not be compared to anothers, they are not the same and they are the same, and equally as important. I dont think this point of view is diminishing to to any tragedy, large or small that has ever happened. Im not sure if that make sense,

    • bigsteveg says:

      thanks for the comment, I agree with you totally but as with everyone in the BPD merry go round I get caught by these stupid thought, I read your blog today as well, very touching and concise, wont be so trite as to say keep it up, thats just rude but you know what I mean, keep on keeping on i guess

  2. gypsy116 says:

    Thanks đŸ˜‰

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