Posted: July 21, 2011 in Mental Health

I love Analogies, if thats even the right word, I like to make them up and listen to everyone elses, even the crap, badly observed ones, which are unforunatly too common. I’m quite big on metaphors as well, they are very creative and I have used my art therapy to do some doozies, I can come up with some seriously freaky shit about a drawing of a ball, always silver and blue, which in itself is a metaphor for black and white, and you know what, only once in the entire twelve months did a therapist notice, and it was an art therapist.
Anyway analogies are my stock in trade, if i cant find one that fits I’ll make shit up, and in this search for the best fit i really have become creative and essentially full of crap. they can sound very profound if used correctly and can infer intelligence where non exists, kind of like glasses used to before boots made them so cheap, spec savers have made glasses the new chav thing, especially reggie kray style ones, he was a specky psychopath and apparently his glasses added something to this, heady mix, maybe they improved his ability to murder people, its possible and i could probably come up with an analogy for that, I maythink about it and blow you away with my next attempt.

my point isnt how great I am at analogies, this is surely a stock fact, we get it right but its the reason i have been so keen to use analogy and metaphor as a , and this will be filed under cliche, which i also have a list of, mask for my true feelings and emotions.I sat in therapy today, no name no pack drill, and was struck by the heady line of crap i was thinking of, stunningly awesome one liners and moments of clarity that could have cured everyone in the room including the therapists. I know this is a bit of a piss take but at the time i honestly believe i could make a difference, these analogies come to me and I think, wow that explains it in an easily digestible statement and some times they do, well most of the time they do but they can be so obscure and outlandish asto confuse and bemuse many of the people listening, no disrespect intended.

now as I know what I meant when i dreamt up these crazy and infintely clever analogies I could claim to be thinking outside the box, more cliches will follow beware. My current favourite isnt very funny and could be deemed quite sad, but Im here to share so here it goes. I imagine that my life is a journey which has come to a high mountain, the journey up is hard and the pain and suffering is extreme but my greatest fear is reaching the top, although it would a be the pinnacle of achievment, that I would see the vista and everything would be laid out before me, but once you get there where is there to go but down, by delaying reaching the top I am slowing down the chance of going down again. now that an analogy and one i think decribes quite a few of us, it does what it says on the tin, and in making light of its existence i mascarade the real cause of the whole thing, my fear of going backwards, i cant vocalise it very comfortably because i am incredibly defensive of my shit and tying it up in annalogy and metaphor keeps the details hidden, and the devil is in the detail, i did warn about cliches right?

So i am asking to be forgiven for using the most powerful muscle in my body, which is also the most damaged, for the very single minded use of avoidant behaviour, avoiding hard facts and judgements while also hiding my twisted little attacks which people miss because I have funny little tags at the end of my creations to draw the sting of what I really meant to say, if I have used them to often for your liking then forgive me if you can.

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