Profound or found out

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Mental Health

I’ve been a bit distracted from my Blog recently, my writers block has gone and the book is firing on all cylinders, watch this space on that one, but i did find myself thinking, I should blog about that, earlier today, which is a good sign, isnt it?

problem is I didnt remember what my epiphany was, I was involved with my Mentoring stuff and assume it was based around this, I have some time between youngsters and must have been bored as I downloaded the bible of all things a dictionary and thesaurus, the book is done and now I think i need a thesaurus, horse, bolted anyone. my mind wanders like many people who think a lot about stuff, I was going through my conspiracy theory on the news of the world stuff. illuminating stuff i’m sure you’ll agree.

Now I do know i found myself talking to these Young adults about stuff I’d been through and how they could avoid a lot of my mistakes if they just changed their bad habits now rather than in their thirties like i did, we went through some stuff and I tried to be as succinct as possible while still keeping their attention on the subject at hand which was in most cases anger management. I have a mean and twisted temper which has led me to do very bad things in the name of temper tantrums, I am not exagerrating when i say this, and I’m not bragging either, its just a fact a sad one maybe but true and needs to be out there. While trying to help them use tricks I learned recently I was struck by the fact I hadnt thrown a wobbly for a long time, and the techniques hadnt really been used for a while. it was the old say as I do scenario but with a twist, I was trying to expouund the virtues of mitigating everyone while finding myself in the odd position of not being above the odd misdemeanour myself. I could have been sitting there talking to myself and it would have been a useful chat, The youngsters got my meaning and I think we may get somewhere with them.

Now i was trying to be profound and intelligent to them, and in the process found that I was still very much a student in this matter, I dont think this precludes me from my role, it may help as I’m not twenty years away from the experiences that they can learn from and I do relate tp an awful lot of their issues, no we didnt annoy each other with Texts as kids but we sure did everything else we could, knock down ginger and prank phone calls from the local telephone box remember them. do i beat myself up about my shortcomings or do what I am trying to by utilising the experiences of today as a template for the future, the past isnt a very good indicator of things to come but the here and now can be, if I am able to garner my emotions in a positive way right now then why not tomorrow, after all subject to any dramas the past will remain the same on both days, wont it. I will consider this for a while and see what come out, in the meantime, anyone know a good publisher.

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