Blogging for health reasons

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is going to be another short burst I’m afraid as my connection is tempermental and could go down mid sentence or word effectivly. Its beena good few dayssince my braodband gave up the ghost with his friednthe home phone, they are apparently so badly injured that they will take a whole week to repair, not the best of services but it BT so they can do as they like right?

my short period of not blogging has been quite hard for me, there are many things i would have written about but they have slipped away in the interim, some profund and antagonistoc stuff about such diverse subjest as BPD and why people witout BPD make assumptions about us, yeah that widely spaced in the world. I hope this temporaryu stuationis resolved quickly so I can attempt to enlighten, entertain and in some case refute other comments, take care people, I will be back I just hope there someone here to listen when i do get back.


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