Feeling Funny??

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Mental Health

I know I have been on a very deep groove recently, trying to say something worthy about mine and my friends condition, and yes it needs to be said but I dont want to give the impression its all crap and tears for us, it can be yeah but not always.

I spend a great deal of my time navel gazing and the like but I also get to watch loads of movies and TV and of course theres my writing, whether its prose or my blogs, I’m currently worn=king on four different ones right now and dont rule out any more its highly addictive. I would like to point out that when I am in my groups we have a lot of heavy stuff to unpack but what doesnt get spoken about is the laughter we share. I have quite literaly been wetting myself with laughter at some of the stuff that gets discussed, I try very hard to inject humour into things as a defense mechanism and also to break the ice and create a better ambience

The idea that someone who is mentally ill is devoid of humour certainly doesnt tie in with the fact that some of the stuff we do, in retrospect is hilarious, we can laugh at it with friends and as long as theres no mocking it takes the sting out of the often awkward memory. I know some of my friends like to express themselves through the thespian pursuits, others like to bake amazing looking, and tasting cakes and pastries. I love to write, poems and rants are my thing although a novel is my dream, I know I have the stuff to do it I just dont feel able to just yet, I am sure I will and in the meantime I get my load off with writing things like this or my crazy rants, some of which crack me up, not because i wrote something funny but because when I wrote it I was deathly serious and thats where the humour lies, in the ability, which I find in nearly all my dealings with BPD suffering friends, to laugh at our selves and see something more than the dirge that it seems to be.

If I laugh for five minutes day then thats only 23h55mins to fill with something else, I’ll sleep for a long time and the hours I have to fill have diminished to something manageable. The time I spend laughing, either at myself or with my children, a shared story or an out and out gag it doesnt matter, the very fact I am laughing I think lessens the impact of my condition on everyone around me. Thats something else thats important to us, we dont deliberately make things hard for our loved ones and friends so sharing a laugh also relieves some of this angst which can be the worst stuff, the guilt ridden stuff.

I think laughing is not just a great medecine as in the old proverb, its the only one that works 100% of the time, I can not think of a single moment I spent laughing and worrying about my life at the same time, yes its temporary but its a bloody great distraction and one I want to share with as many of my friends, sufferers or not. In the meantime I may pontificate a bit about how we are dealt with by professionals etc but I do have a light side, sometimes too light for some but I will always try and make people laugh and if you think its not appropriate in light of my previous blogs I apologise and continue regardless. If i could think of a joke right now this would be the ideal time use one but as with everything I’m not quite hitting things at the right time, I’m sure more humour will follow so watch this space.

  1. celticawitch says:

    Great post and wonderful thoughts. Yes, we CAN laugh and we jolly well DO laugh and yes, it DOES help. If only peeps would laugh more often it would help them so much. Keep writing bro! xxx

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