Patience, a virtue or necessity?

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Mental Health

I dont as a rule suffer fools gladly, I have very little patience and can be more than a little aggressive when dealing with incompetence, either real or perceived. I like things to be done the right way first time and in many cases will drop a service provider straight away regardless of the cost to myself both financially and physically. I say this because I have recently been pushed to my normal limits by my Broadband suppliers, call after call to the Indian call centre have been dealt with politely and efficiently but to no avail, a day or two after the call the broadband slows down to snails pace and I get more frustrated.

Now I am in many ways a casual racist, just like almost everyone on the planet I have preconceived notions of national stereotypes and culture which colour my attitude to people of different nations, Racist is such a dirty word for it but the definition is correct, I could lie and say I am at peace with all races and creeds which would be bullshit, I dont have much time for my own race or creed so my attitude to those outside my own ethnicity is no worse or better. I say this because in my dealings with the Indians at the call centre, who are just able to repeat scripts and follow tick box type forms is different to how I would be with an English based call centre operative and I think is a cynical reason that drive this.

They are overly polite from the get go, they apologise profusely before they even know whats wrong and this is a disarming tactic which certainly works on me. I make the call with my blood boiling, especially the last couple of calls as they are the fourth and fifth and as you can imagine I dont like the repetition of the calls, I am all ready to go in guns a blazing when they answer the call, albeit after five minutes of automated menus, only to be apologised to before I even get going, it stops me dead and I think why should I have a go at good old Vikram when he didnt get it wrong it was the last guy and he’s so friendly and polite it would be rude wouldnt it. And there they have us , they know what we are most likely to be like in reaction to good manners, the Indians may always be that polite but it certainly works as a tactic in these situations.

Now this is a particular problem with a specific company but it does make me wonder whether my general impatience is actually a justifiable reaction to the world I live in, after all manner seem to be all but dead these days and even in situations where customer service is supposed to be a key ingredient this country generally fails to deliver. Now I have shopped in the states and they have a syrupy sweet version of customer service which is too much and on the continent it can be a nightmare in some places with cold detachment seemingly the buzz word for their sales staff or restaurant workers. If we did get the super sweet version of consumer treatment would we like it, are our british sensibilities too stoic for that type of thing, would we be facetious to them, or accept it as I do with the Indian guys, its a script and they cant really do it any other way. It would be interesting to find out but it’ll never happen, as for my patience I dont expect anything to change in the near future, but thats me I guess.


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