Blogging WTF or FTW

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Mental Health

I started to do this blog because I needed an outlet for my musings and general gripes, and very quickly it escalated from a single blog originally about movies into three blogs each with their own sphere of reference. I thought it would be simple to keep them updated and it didnt really matter what they looked like because no one really reads other people stuff do they? So I began in ernest and as I added the new blogs I just assumed I’d do one a day thereby refreshing them each every third day, no sweat there and totally do-able, then it happened, the realisation that I was thinking about what to blog all the time, I was criticsising films as I watched them, jotting down all my poetic thoughts as quick as I could and wondering if my feelings would translate well into words.

To be honest I should have seen it coming, blogging is essentialy a way of talking for hours about whatever you like without interruption, sounds like every psycho patients dream, and where was I ever going to get to publish my darkest , deepest thoughts for free anywhere else in the world? So yes it was always a dangerous combination, a laptop and the internet with unlimited access to a space where I can rant and rave forever, it was a fait accomplis. So resolved to follow my fate on this one I continued to write stuff down and look forward to doing so. the problem is I cant maintain the stream of words every day, some days I’m overcome with the need to write stuff down, especially after I’ve seen a film or had a day of note but the other days arent so easy and I am putting myself under pressure to keep the steady flow of blogs up, which where we come to right now, I have resorted to writing about writing, which is just about as low as you can get isnt it? But, I hear myself say, at least its creative use of my mind and could be regarded as my most insightful writing yet, doesnt the fact I have given this the thought required and then had the ability to put it into words demonstrate my worthiness as a blog writer?

So I am writing this now in order to remind myself that its not as important to write everyday as it is to write something of worth, no doubt others would look at my musings and say they werent any more worthy, and they can comment on that if they like, but to anyone who does like what I write I owe it to them to be as good as I can and not just put any old blather down on my blogs. I have now linked all my sites to each other, I have upgraded them with images and cool themes, added widgets and generally tidied them up, I try and be as succint as I can but if I do veer off course I apologise in advance and promise to make up for it with some biting wit and self deprecation, so is it WTF or FTW fact is I still dont know.


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