Facebook is spying on me

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Mental Health

Lovely headline is it not? and only partially true as far as I know, my paranoia isnt quite bad enough that I sign up to the conspiracy theorists on this one.

What I do know is the megolith that is Facebook has far too much information on me and everyone else who ever went into their realms, the same can be said of Tesco and any of the stores where you use a loyalty card but I’m kind of OK with it as its part of being in the 21st century and if you think it will get any better then you had better check out very soon, or you may find they make your death certificate available online. Not that I’m endorsing suicide assisted or otherwise, just pointing out the futility of complaining about this information encroachment by the corporate world, if youre in the States or Canada I’m sure there is an organisation that is squirreling away all your preferences somewhere ready to utilise in some inane way later, wherever you are youre in the mix so deal with it and get on with your life.

Now as a BPD sufferer I may have a higher level of paranoia to most normal folks but even I cant see the need to be worried at the moment, but I know plenty of folks who are and that in itself bothers me. I can see their points , if you have a disorder and the world at large might be able to find out about it you have every reason to be worried, I have seen a proliferation of those status messages about invisible illness’s mentioning allsorts of things from Fybromyalgia to Diabetes and anything else in between, Bi-polar even gets a mention but not BPD, am I to rwad into this that all the other illness’s and disorders count more then we do, some of the diseases are very obscure, or are we just not glamourous enough to get the publicity? I dont know or care but as I’ve said my friends do and thats why I’m interested. It can be very tough living with this invisible illness but one of the perks is you can deny having it pretty easily, the scars brought about by self harm arent always easy to conceal but once youve hidden them your home free, but if the world wide web has records of your prescriptions and groceries etc they could concievably find out whats going on, or worse make an assumption based on a small number of facts.

So although I accept that this information is already in the hands of the conglomerates and even those folks at Facebook have access to your interests and likes, and we all look for BPD when we use these sites to see if theres anything new to find out, I dont accept that everyone should feel under threat from this situation and it appears its much too late to do anything about this situation it might be time for the people holding the information to allay the fears of the people they have spied on by telling us what the intend to use the information for, if its just to boost sales by target marketing, then fine, if it means Facebook can tailor their advertisers to the user, not so fine but acceptable but if its anything else we should be told and givn the oppurtunity to revoke our permissions and protect our personal information, in the mean time, if youre bothered take as much of your information as you can off of the FB and other social sites, dont use your loyalty card and read all the terms before you accept the conditions, boring but factually correct.

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