Hello world!

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Mental Health
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Hello folks

I don’t really expect too many people to actually read my blog, so why bother? its a fair point and if you understand anything about BPD ( borderline personality disorder ) you might get why without any further comment. for those who don’t know BPD is a mental condition which has many facets that cause untold anguish to the sufferer, to explain each symptom would require a few reams of internet and wouldn’t necessarily answer the whole question, the main crux is that we think in extreme terms, black or white, right or wrong, good or evil and very little comes anywhere in between.

As a long term sufferer it makes my life interesting and unpredictable, but for my wife amd family it can and has been a nightmare trying to figure out who is sitting on the chair in the corner today, or even this particular hour, it can be that erratic. I have undergone some pretty intensive treatment over the course of the last year and while I am still in treatment my life has improved immeasurably, for which I’m greatful. In the course of my treatment I have met some wonderful people who have led some terribly sad lives that are also fighting to achieve some level of normality, although we all agree that normal is almost indiscernable and we strive for things to be good enough, rather than perfect.

I’m writing this as an outlet for my thoughts, in the hope that, just as my therapy worked by sharing experiences and feelings, this might do something similar. It’s not some alturistic attempt to help others, if it did that would be awesome, but primarily it’s for me to look at in the cold light of day and assess what I was thinking on any given day, and hopefully I can string a few things together and work towards better understanding of me and my impact on others.

Well this is the start and I’ll endeavour to be enchanting and witty in equal measure, that doesnt mean I’ll achieve this but I will try, if I’m caustic or unsympathetic sometimes forgive me, if you can, it wont be intentional 99% of the time honest.


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