My name is Steve Goldsack, I’m 41 years old , married to sarah and I have three amazing kids. I love reading, watching movies and good television, I’m mad keen on Chelsea football club and I love the company of my dearest friends, on top of all this good stuff I have Borderline Personality Disorder.

I wont go into the ins and outs of what this means from a psychiatric point of view, they dont really agree with their own definitions within the mental health community, they dont even agree with what to call it so I cant be bothered to rake over all that stuff.

Essentially all this matters not at all, all that counts is the effect is has on me, my family and those around me. The very fact I have included others in my description of my problems shows a marked improvement in my management of the condition, up until recently I would have been oblivious to anyone elses position in my life let alone any effect I may be having on them. My main problem is one of extremism in my thinking, everything is divided neatly into good or bad, evil or good, for me or against me there was no room for the actuallity which is usually, but not always, somewhere in between. I have paranioa to a lesser degree and bouts of deep dark depression in my unguarded times, but these things are just symptoms of a greater problem which I have spent a good length of time working out, not curing but developing methods of coping and living a normalish life.

I hope you find something worth reading here and check back to keep up with my progress

  1. Sevae says:

    Steve, I hope you do not mind… I have linked your blog to mine under the Simply Human Page. Not much of a footie fan, but at least you are not a Man United fan! Sevae

  2. I have BPD also. I personally just call it “being me”. I actually see the splitting, all good and all bad, as being almost like a super power. It’s allowed me to walk away from some really horrible people without it bothering me very much. But then there are the downsides where I need to try really hard to see that something is not “evil” just because I’m mad at it or “good” just because I like it.

  3. Mandi says:

    So I’m trying to do the whole question game thing… but don’t have a clue how… so here’s the link!

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